Heating solutions for
camping vehicles

Webasto heating solutions for motorhomes, caravans and camper vans reliably ensure warm interiors, hot water and ice-free windows. As all devices use diesel (or electricity) as an energy source, this significantly reduces gas consumption, and travelers also become less dependent on replacing cylinders. Fewer gas bottles on board mean more space and weight for other things.

Benefits of heating solutions for camping vehicles

More flexibility through diesel use

Using diesel from the vehicle tank instead of gas from bottles has many advantages: Diesel is available for continuous heating and is available at every gas station, requires no adapters and offers space savings as well as more free weight for essential items.

Individual air-conditioning solutions

Travelers have different requirements when it comes to vehicle equipment, depending on their destinations, travel times and their own comfort temperatures. Webasto equips vehicles accordingly with solutions that coordinate all devices: heater, boiler, air-conditioning, refrigerator, stove and controls.

Efficient, fast and quiet

All Webasto appliances and solutions are constantly being optimized so that they consume as few resources as possible and still work quickly and reliably. Quietness when traveling is also a priority. Webasto systems are therefore sustainable, cost-effective and suitable for everyday use.

Product overview heating solutions for camping vehicles

  • Air Top 2000 STC

    The Air top 2000 STC air heater by Webasto ensures quick and even heating, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance. Suitable for a variety of vehicles.
    Air Top 2000 STC air heater product picture on orange background Air Top 2000 STC header
  • Air Top Evo 40/55

    Enjoy precise and constant temperatures in all altitudes and weather conditions with Air Top Evo 40/55. Suitable for recreational vehicles, trucks and buses.
    Air Top Evo 40/55  product picture on orange background Air Top Evo 40/55 header
  • Range Plus

    Enhance your e-vans efficiency with Range Plus from Webasto, a fuel-powered air heater reducing battery load and extending range.
  • Diesel Cooker X 100

    Discover the Webasto Diesel Cooker X100, the ultimate autonomous cooking solution for outdoor enthusiasts. With its all-in-one design, convenient fuel source, high-quality CERAN® cooktop, easy cleaning, and low consumption, this cooker is perfect for adventurers on the go.
    Recreational vehicle with Diesel Cooker on orange background Diesel Cooker header
  • Hybrid 3

    Experience comfort on the move with Webasto’s Hybrid 3 heating system, offering powerful heating and hot water supply for your RV. Ideal for compact vehicles.
    Hybrid 3 / Hybrid 5 / Hybrid 7 header picture on orange background Hybrid header
  • Hybrid 5

    Upgrade the comfort in your RV with the Hybrid 5 heating system. Quick heat-up times, continuous hot water and extended gas bottle lifespan. Ideal for larger RVs.
    Hybrid 3 / Hybrid 5 / Hybrid 7 header picture on orange background Hybrid header
  • Hybrid 7

    Enjoy the comfort of a cozy cabin and hot shower at the same time with Hybrid 7. Instant heat-up times, maximum heating power. Made for even the largest RVs.
    Hybrid 3 / Hybrid 5 / Hybrid 7 header picture on orange background Hybrid header
  • Thermo Top Evo

    The Thermo Top Evo is ideal for cars and camping vehicles. It quickly and reliably warms the inside of a vehicle via its venting fans.
    Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco product picture on orange background Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco header
  • eThermo Top Eco

    Experience efficient and eco-friendly heating for your vehicle's engine and interior with eThermo Top Evo. Suited for all vehicle types.
    eThermo Top Eco product picture on orange background eThermo Top Eco header
  • Thermo Pro 90

    This robust and highly efficient water heater, which features altitude adjustment and "Arctic Start", is suitable for large commercial vehicles, specialty vehicles and minibuses, even in extreme conditions.
    Thermo Pro 90 product picture on orange background Thermo Pro 90 header

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