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Experience superior comfort and control with the advanced heating controls for various vehicles and marine vessels from Webasto.

Perfect control for your Webasto heating system

Heating controls from Webasto offer effortless operation, flexible scheduling, universal compatibility, energy efficiency, easy installation, and reliable performance.

Benefits of our heating controls

Effortless control

Our heaters can be installed either inside or outside the vehicle.

Flexible scheduling

Set up to three start times per weekday with the integrated timer.

Universal compatibility

Suitable for both 12 V and 24 V systems, fitting various vehicle types.

Remote control

Operate your heater conveniently from up to 1,000 meters away.

Easy temperature adjustment

Adjusting your heater's temperature is as easy as turning a knob.

Multiple vehicle control

Monitor and control more than one vehicle or marine vessel from the app.

Overview Controls

  • MultiControl

    Discover unparalleled comfort with Webasto’s advanced MultiControl, a dashboard control panel offering superior convenience and a user-friendly design.
    Product picture of MultiControl on orange background MultiControl header
  • Telestart T99

    Webasto Telestart T99 offers remote control for your vehicle’s heating systems with extended range, customizable heating times, and multi-remote functionality.
  • ThermoConnect

    Take control of your vehicle's climate with Webasto ThermoConnect. Offering smart, remote control over your parking heater, plus geofencing and vehicle tracking.
  • Rotary Selector Switch

    Experience precise and easy control of your heater with the Rotary Selector Switch, featuring steplessly adjustable heating and informative display indicators.