Comprehensive mechatronic expertise for innovative, smart products

Mechatronic expertise plays a pivotal role in modern-day vehicles, which are equipped with increasingly sophisticated technology. As systems supplier, Webasto has comprehensive expertise in the field of software, hardware, electronics and mechatronics. Vehicle manufacturers worldwide are benefitting from our internationally focused mechatronic competencies.

Modern cars can have installed more than 100 electronic control units, ECUs for short, to communicate with each other and control thousands of functions.


The same applies for our roof systems, convertible roofs, heating and battery systems – ECUs are the indispensable helpers operate in the background and provide for comfort and safety.


That is why having our own global electronics development and production is a crucial strategic component for the Webasto Group. 

Tradition meets innovation

As a technology company with a long tradition and huge enthusiasm for innovations. It all started with purely mechanical accessories such as stamped parts, wire hangers and and mouse traps in the beginning of the 20th century. Since more than 120 years, we have been continuously developing our product portfolio further – today we are offering state-of-the art roof systems, convertible roofs and solutions for electromobility, such as battery systems. We think far beyond the next generation of vehicles and set technological standards, even for the megatrends of the future.

Tradition meets innovation

Webasto continues to evolve

The automotive industry is changing. Issues such as drivetrain electrification, autonomous driving and digitalization in production mean that manufacturers and suppliers are facing major challenges, but simultaneously this offers huge opportunities.
As a technology company with huge enthusiasm for smart and innovative products, Webasto tackled these challenges to evolve into a truly mechatronic company. More than ever, having mechatronic knowhow means having the advantage of strategic knowhow.

Therefore, Webasto manufactures part of the required electronic control units (ECUs) inhouse in Schaidt (Germany) and thus has valuable knowledge on ECU design and production. The ECUs developed by Webasto control the operation of sunroofs, convertible roofs, heating systems and battery management systems.


They enable safety and comfort features such as: 


  • Ambient lighting in panorama roofs
  • Speed controls for sunroof drives to achieve consistently even-motion sound
  • Intelligent adaptation of the combustion process to the environmental conditions of the heater, the so-called altitude adjustment
  • Safety features such as anti-trap protection in openable roof systems
  • Central Data-Matrix-Light (enables projections of pictures and videos via headlights)
  • Control of battery management systems (state of charge, state of health, safety functions)
  • Controls charging of battery cells in solar roofs

We are a mechatronic company

Webasto opened a broad field of innovation and can serve current and future customer needs as well as regulatory demands. Today, software development is a natural part of our product development, the mechatronic mindset has become part of Webasto: We have developed great in-house expertise in the fields of software, hardware and mechatronics and built-up the required knowledge and skills among our employees. The Webasto mechatronic competences:

Mechatronics competences

Systems integration

  • Systems Engineering for mechatronic systems consisting of hardware, software and mechanics
  • Integration into vehicles
  • Retrofit of buses, construction and off-road vehicles with battery systems
System integration

Mechatronics competences

Hardware development

  • Concept development (circuit diagrams, layout generation, simulation)
  • Prototype development (printed circuit boards)
  • Mechanical development (integration of electronics into housings and interfaces to the vehicle)
Hardware development

Mechatronics competences

Software development

  • Model-based software development and C-programming
  • Implementation of communication interfaces (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, W-LAN)
  • Integration of control unit into the vehicle (e.g., network management, diagnosis)
  • Use of qualified standards for software development, such as AUTOmotive Open System Architecture, so-called AUTOSAR
Software development Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script, Programming code abstract technology background of software deve

Mechatronics competences

Motor development

  • Design, integration and control of electric motors
  • Transmission design
Motor development Over the Shoulder Shot of Engineer Working with CAD Software on Desktop Computer, Screen Shows Technical Drafts and Drawings. In the Background Engineering Facility Specialising on Industrial Design

Mechatronics competences

ECU and electronic component Purchasing

  • Management of worldwide supplier panel
  • Purchasing of complete ECUs at EMS provider
  • Purchasing of electronic components via direct accounts or distributors
ECU and electronic component purchasing

Mechatronics competences

Project and quality management

  • IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 (quality management)
  • ISO/IEC3300x/Automotive SPICE (requirements for the software development process)
  • ISO 26262 (functional safety)
  • ISO 21434 (cybersecurity)
Project and quality management businessman working with sign of the top service Quality assurance, Guarantee, Standards, ISO certification and standardization concept.

Mechatronics competences

ECU industrializations

  • Design-for-Assembly and Design-for-Testability
  • Own prototype manufacturing line
  • Close cooperation between R&D and production during development 
ECU industrialization

Mechatronics competences

ECU production

  • Tailor-made multi-product lines with high degree of automation
  • Three modern SMT (surface-mount-technology) lines
  • PCB-assembly with selective soldering, coating, de-paneling
  • Testing: solder paste inspection, automatic optical inspection, in-circuit-testing, functional testing, x-ray
  • Mounting of PCBAs into housings as well as complete final assembly of mechatronic systems
  • Packaging and shipping
ECU Production

How customers benefit from the mechatronic competences

Webasto turns ideas into series production through the development and manufacture of complex electronic systems. Customers benefit from a high level of development know-how in mechatronics and electronics as well as from vast experience in the optimization of worldwide production processes and supply chains. In more than ten locations worldwide, Webasto employees use their expertise to develop and test control units for Webasto and customer products. They are supported by colleagues from the ECU production who bring expertise in design-for-assembly and ensure prototype and series production of control units. Together they guarantee the exceptional quality and expertise that says "made by Webasto".

Customer benefits

Webasto stands for quality

One of the success factors for the technical achievements and individual solutions that come from Webasto is the interdisciplinary and international cooperation in the development, industrialization, and production of mechatronics systems.

quality test

We provide solutions for every customer wish and guarantee cost-efficient and reliable electronic modules:


  • Implementation of new trends in technology
  • Close interaction of Webasto development team and customer
  • Development of platforms and easy adaptation to customer demands
  • Control of the bill-of-material through component purchasing for inhouse and external ECU production
  • Professional component lifecycle and supply chain management
  • Inhouse EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test labs ensure early detection of electromagnetic emissions and susceptibilities
  • Inhouse cybersecurity testing
  • Highly automated testing with MiL, SiL and HiL (Model, Software, Hardware in the Loop)
  • Functional and environmental testing

Customer benefits

Solutions for the future: autonomous driving

A prominent example, that requires in-depth mechatronic expertise is the Webasto Roof Sensor Module (RSM) for autonomous driving: Camera, radar and lidar technologies lay the foundation for safe and reliable 360° environment detection and are elegantly integrated into a roof system. As system integrator, Webasto implements thermo management and cleaning functions and offers car manufacturers the opportunity to retain their individual vehicle architecture.

Solutions for autonomous driving

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With our extensive expertise in mechatronics, we develop pioneering solutions tailored to the changing needs of modern industry. At the heart of our vision are state-of-the-art factories where the well-being and satisfaction of employees and customers are paramount.
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