Next Generation
Coolant Heater

Next level heating

The HVH Next Generation Coolant Heater is a novel high voltage heating system consisting of innovative heating solutions integrated into a space-optimized heat exchanger. It is specifically designed to meet customers' increasingly tight installation space and weight targets. Its sophisticated platform strategy will enable it to serve 400 volt and also 800 volt vehicle architectures. The heater output is scalable from 3 to 6 to 9 kilowatt. 

Built on platform basis

For system that demand particularly high heating performance requirements, Webasto’s High Voltage Heaters (HVH) deliver an ideal solution: The powerful heating system for hybrid and electric vehicles tempers both the vehicle cabin and the batteries. 

Webasto next generation coolant heater

With its Next Generation Coolant Heater, Webasto is launching an electric heating system built on a platform basis, allowing it to be flexibly adapted to meet different customer requirements.


It is based on innovative heating technology that is integrated into an installation-space-optimized heat exchanger and is suitable for both 400- and 800-volt vehicle architectures. Its heat output is scalable between three, six and nine kilowatts. Webasto’s Next Generation Coolant Heater moreover facilitates a flexible interface with the customer’s vehicle architecture, irrespective of voltage and heat output. By taking a modular approach we are able to achieve a high level of production automation, offering excellent flexibility in terms of the higher volumes we can manufacture. 

Next Generation Coolant Heater

Sustainable development

The Next Generation Coolant Heater is a refinement of our HVH portfolio. The platform concept is specifically designed to meet customers’ increasingly tight installation space constraints and saves both weight and raw materials. For example, the aluminum content of the Next Generation Coolant Heater is reduced by almost 50 percent compared to the actual 10 kilowatt variant, ensuring a weight reduction of 30 percent.

Sustainable development

Next Generation Coolant Heater

Success story continues

Webasto has been mass producing the first 800-volt coolant heater – the HVH 100 – since 2019. The high-voltage Heater delivers up to 10 kilowatts of heat output at an efficiency of over 95 percent. The HVH 100 Compact, which will be available from 2024, packs the same performance into a smaller size and weight. Our future portfolio will also include the HVH 120, a powerful solution specifically designed for commercial vehicles. The unit delivers a heat output of up to 12 kilowatts.

3 Generations of High Voltage Heaters

Availability Next Generation Coolant Heater

  • SOP 2025
  • Scalable platform approach
  • Three, six & nine kilowatts
  • 400 & 800 Volt
  • Cabin & battery heating
  • Electrical safety according to ISO6469-3
  • Reduction of aluminum share by 50 percent, compared to HVH100 


Interested? Contact us and we will support you with the integration into your next project. 

Next Generation Coolant Heater Availability 2025

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