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greener battery

Webasto is accelerating its journey towards a greener battery

A sustainable mindset serves as a guide for our people, products and processes. Webasto understands sustainability holistically, including social aspects and economic views. The focus, especially for battery production, is on the principles of circularity and reducing the carbon footprint of our products. That is why Webasto is accelerating its way to a greener battery.

A change is happening… be there at the start.

Five fields of action

While working on the concept of a greener battery, we have identified five fields of action.

Five fields of action

Circular economy

We want to close our loop in the battery prodution by participating in platforms such as 'Circular Republic'. In this cooperation we network with other players and jointly develop strategies and solutions to establish circular economy in the battery section. 

Five fields of Action - Circular economy

Five fields of action

Design for circularity

We are setting up design rules to enable better circularity, e.g. by allowing the battery to be easier recycled, repaired and reused. This comprises ideas to replace fixed connections with detachable alternatives or the use of refurbished components.

Five fields of Action - Design for circularity

Five fields of action

Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials are one of the main concerns when it comes to making batteries "greener". All components are therefore tested for their environmental footprint and recyclability, and are to be replaced by alternative materials if necessary.

Five fields of Action - Sustainable materials

Five fields of action

Green cell

The cell is the main driver of CO2 emissions within the battery and is therefore a particular focus. The aim must be to avoid critical materials such as lithium, nickel or cobalt and to further reduce the CO2 footprint through local supply chains.

Five fields of Action - Green cell

Five fields of action

Green production

At Webasto, we design our own production to be as sustainable as possible: this applies, for example, to the use of renewable energy, the avoidance of production waste, and long transport routes.

Five fields of Action - Green production

How we keep going

Webasto will consistently pursue the vision of a greener battery. In the next step, we will aim to present a concept showing how specific action areas can be applied to our batteries.

Greener battery future

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