Fresh air and panoramic view

Openable panoramic roofs offer drivers a genuine open-air feeling with a sense of spaciousness and a clear view of the sky. They are not only trendy, but they also turn driving into an joyful experience. Thanks to high-tech glass the huge glass are can be used for fancy innovations like integrated ambient light or switchable glazing. 

Our strength

Market leader

For more than 85 years, Webasto has been providing driving pleasure with its openable roofs and is today the global market leader.


Through tests and state-of-the-art testing facilities, roof systems from Webasto meet the highest quality standards.


Webasto produces its openable roof systems close to the customer in the region for the region.

Versatile solutions

Top load

Panoramic roof "Top load"

During the top load mounting process, the roof element is placed on the vehicle from above. The front cover is made of plastic or glass and ensures a harmonious overall appearance. The system is space-saving and provides plenty of headroom and stability.

Top Load Roof System on a SUV Vehicle

Bottom load

Panoramic roof "Bottom load"

During this assembly process, which is characterized by compact mechanics, the roof element is installed in the vehicle from below. This not only allows the roof to open in different positions up to 100 percent, but also ensures maximum headroom and stability.

Bottom Load Roof in a Van

Classic sunroof

Classic sunroof

Sliding roofs provide draft-free fresh air and open up the view of the sky. They are installed in vehicles from below and are suitable for all vehicle types with conventional roof panels.

Classic sunroof in a Sedan

Innovative features

Openable panoramic roofs not only provide fresh air and enhance comfort, but, equipped with modern functions, they also become a special design element, making them more than just a roof.

Belt workers place glass in openable roof system

Fascinating high-tech glass

The rise of electromobility is changing the entire design language of vehicles. The trend is moving toward clean lines, large glass surfaces and high-tech features. Webasto is leveraging this development to create innovative roof concepts that enhance comfort, design and the driving experience. “As automakers strive to create a cohesive design language, large glass roofs are becoming increasingly popular in place of steel ones. New potential exists here for Webasto, as this space can be used for exciting innovations,” explains Jan Henning Mehlfeldt, responsible for the global roof business at Webasto. “Our openable roofs have allowed us to deliver driving pleasure for over 85 years and we are continuing to develop our systems further."

Ambient light

Amazing light effects

Nature proves: Light is essential for influencing people's moods. Webasto harnesses the power of light and integrates it directly into the glass of the panoramic roofs. Individual, modern lighting scenarios turn the roof into a unique design element.

Ambient light in Car roof

Switchable glazing

Shading at the touch of a button

Large glass surfaces flood the vehicle interior with light. An integrated switchable glazing system provides shade and privacy at the touch of a button. Passengers can also activate the various segments individually and thus set up the shading as desired.

Switchable glazing in car roof

Integrated solar cells

On the road with the sun

Webasto can also integrate solar cells into the large glass surfaces to harness the power of the sun. This allows the vehicle's range to be increased, for example. Solar energy can also be used for air conditioning the interior.

Solar cells in openable car roof

Our technologies

Thanks to the extensive research and development expertise of its employees, Webasto is up to date on trends and is constantly furthering development of its technologies. The use of modern materials, high quality standards and high customer orientation are a matter of course for Webasto.

Polyurethane foaming

Polyurethane foaming

Polyurethane foaming is a technology used to connect components such as screws and reinforcements to a glass sheet. The Polyurethan (PU) serves both as a link between the various components and as construction material to form special geometries. 

Polyurethane foaming on a openable roof production line



The core of polyurethane composites consists of paper honeycombs coated with a mixture of polyurethane and reinforcing fibers. The rigidity of the material makes it ideal for the production of outer covering parts with an area of more than two square meters. 

Chek from a Polyurethan roof covering

ProTec glass

ProTec® Glass

Webasto ProTec® Glass is a safety glazing made of glass and plastic. Under cleanroom conditions, a highly tear-resistant  film is applied to the inside of curved single-pane safety glass (ESG), to the glass elements together as a whole in case of an accident.

Check from a worker - ProTec glass
Testing of a openable roof

Excellent quality

At Webasto, innovation and tradition meet the highest quality standards.


Our roofs are not only developed by our specialists in prototype construction and manufactured in perfected production processes, they are then meticulously tested for quality down to the last part.

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