Rooftop air-conditioning

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Rooftop air-conditioning systems from Webasto, designed to be mounted on the roof of vehicles, offer efficient cooling and heating solutions. These systems provide optimal climate control across a wide range of vehicles.

Keep cool with rooftop air conditioning

Rooftop air-conditioning systems from Webasto provide efficient cooling, straightforward installation, and require minimal maintenance.

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Benefits of rooftop air-conditioning

Versatile applications

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, ensuring optimal cooling even under demanding conditions.

High cooling efficiency

Delivers superior cooling efficiency, keeping vehicles comfortable in all weather conditions.

Easy installation

Designed for easy installation in existing roof openings, saving valuable time.

Low maintenance

Requires minimal maintenance, saving time and resources.

Energy efficiency

Smart control of the condenser fans and the compressor achieves high energy efficiency.

Reliable performance

High-quality components ensure durability and reliable performance.

Overview Rooftop air-conditioning

  • Rooftop air-conditioning 3.5-6.2 kW

    Highly efficient rooftop cooling units for small buses and special vehicles. Benefit from high cooling efficiency, easy installation and durable design.
  • Cool Top Trail 20/24/28/34/35/28V/36V

    Experience the ideal climate in your RV with the Cool Top Trail air conditioners. Designed for efficiency, reliability, and comfort, they're perfect for any adventure.
  • Rooftop air-conditioning 8.5-15.5 kW

    Discover high-quality, efficient rooftop air-conditioning units for small to medium-sized buses. Customizable features, easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Rooftop air-conditioning 19-22 kW

    Explore the energy-efficient rooftop air-conditioning systems for midi buses. High cooling capacity, intelligent energy management and aerodynamic design.

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