Cooling control devices

Webasto offers controls designed specifically for in-vehicle cooling and air-conditioning systems. These controls prioritize efficiency and practicality in managing air temperatures.

Simple and effective controls

Webasto controls blend adaptability with ease, aiming for steady temperature and airflow during drives.


Benefits of the cooling controls

Powerful refrigeration

Isotherm products offer powerful refrigeration and freezing capacity, even in great heat, providing a consistent, high-quality cooling experience in recreational vehicles.

Balanced airflow options

Choose between fresh and recirculated air modes to suit your preference.

Reliable electronic controls

Operate with electronic controls that prioritize functionality and dependability.

Safety-oriented features

Benefit from features such as ice detection that adds an extra layer of safety.

Simple power settings

Manage your system with straightforward on/off switches and fan speed options.

Internal and external monitoring

Webasto controls provide basic temperature monitoring for consistent regulation.

Overview controls

  • 3-position blower switch

    Discover the 3-position blower switch from Webasto designed for integrated heat exchangers, offering mechanical control of fan speed and dual voltage support.
  • Automatic control element 2

    Twister from Webasto: an automatic control element for roof air-heaters. Experience optimal temperature control within your vehicle with Twister.
  • Automatic control element 3

    Fox: a dependable control element for air-conditioning systems from Webasto. Ensure consistent and reliable temperature control in your vehicle with Fox.
  • Heating control switch

    Discover the reliable heating control switch from Webasto. Compatible with both 12 V and 24 V systems, it offers precise mechanical control and a compact design.
  • Automatic control element 1

    Efficiently manage vehicle air-conditioning with the "Automatic control element" from Webasto. Compatible with multiple VAC & HVAC systems for optimal in-car comfort.

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