Water heaters

Webasto water heaters provide warmth and comfort for a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, light commercial vehicles, camping vehicles, specialty vehicles, boats and machinery. These heating systems are compact, powerful and easy to install. They are connected to the vehicle's coolant circuit and circulate warm air into the vehicle via the air outlets in the dashboard.

Benefits of water heaters

Compact size

Webasto parking heaters are characterized by an ultra-compact design in their respective heating class. They deliver powerful heating output while fitting into compact spaces.

Reliable warmth

Different models ensure efficient heating of small and large interior spaces, even under extreme conditions.

Easy to install

The different vehicle-specific installation kits available simplify the installation process for almost all common vehicle models.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Tailored solutions for automotive manufacturers

Webasto develops and manufactures thermo systems for all well-known automobile manufacturers worldwide. 


Product overview parking heaters

  • Thermo Top Evo

    The Thermo Top Evo is ideal for cars and camping vehicles. It quickly and reliably warms the inside of a vehicle via its venting fans.
    Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco product picture on orange background Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco header
  • Thermo Pro 90

    This robust and highly efficient water heater, which features altitude adjustment and "Arctic Start", is suitable for large commercial vehicles, specialty vehicles and minibuses, even in extreme conditions.
    Thermo Pro 90 product picture on orange background Thermo Pro 90 header
  • Thermo Top Pro 120/150

    For construction and agricultural machinery, small- to medium-sized buses, electric buses and trucks, these two heaters provide power of up to 12 and 15 kW heating output, respectively. They are available as 12 and 24 volt variants.
    Thermo Top Pro 120 / 150 product picture on orange background Thermo Top Pro 120/150 header
  • Thermo Pro 50 Eco

    In small- to medium-sized commercial vehicles with limited space, this compact and lightweight water heater ensures a pre-heated engine and a pleasant interior.
    Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco product picture on orange background Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco header
  • Thermo plus 230/300/350

    The powerful heaters for buses, rail vehicles and trucks ensure an optimum operating temperature for high-performance diesel engines and warm the interior.
    Thermo Plus 230/300/350 product picture on orange background Thermo Plus 230/300/350 header
  • eThermo Top Eco

    Experience efficient and eco-friendly heating for your vehicle's engine and interior with eThermo Top Evo. Suited for all vehicle types.
    eThermo Top Eco product picture on orange background eThermo Top Eco header

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