eThermo Top Eco

Efficient, environmentally conscious heating with eThermo Top Eco

The eThermo Top Eco is an innovative electrically-operated water heater for all vehicle types. It delivers consistent heating to both the vehicle’s engine and interior, making it perfect for environmentally conscious motorists, short-distance drivers and owners of recreational vehicles.

Benefits of eThermo Top Eco

The heater is operated via an electric cable connected to a 230 Volt power outlet. Thanks to the integrated trickle charge function for 12 Volt batteries, the car battery is automatically charged throughout the entire duration of operation. The eThermo Top Eco is conveniently controlled via conventional or optional WiFi timer for the power outlet.


Electric and eco-friendly

Experience eco-friendliness at its best – our eThermo Top Eco operates entirely on electricity, making it suitable for enclosed spaces such as garages.

Cost-saving efficiency

eThermo Top Eco proves its cost efficiency by being up to 40 % cheaper than fuel-powered parking heaters, depending on the vehicle model.

Battery life preservation

eThermo Top Eco not only provides comfort, but also preserves battery performance, contributing to a secure and reliable engine start every time.

Climate comfort

Experience exceptional climate comfort and ensure simultaneous, consistent heating of both the engine and interior for a cozy surrounding.

Quick de-icing

No more waiting for your windscreens to defrost. At lower outdoor temperatures, your windshield and front windows will be de-iced in a short time.

Easy to operate

eThermo Top Eco is user-friendly, with a 16 A timer or the WiFi plug of Webasto, making operation as easy as plugging into a socket.

Technology highlight

Two heating capacity options

The Webasto eThermo Top Eco model offers two heating output levels that are ideally matched to different types of fuse protection for household connections.

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Product details

Product specification

Webasto eThermo Top Eco operates on a 230 V power supply. Two models are available: eThermo Top Eco 20 P with 2 kW capacity (for home fuse protection ≥10 A) and eThermo Top Eco 30 P with 3 kW capacity (for home fuse protection ≥16 A).

Model overview

Webasto eThermo Top Eco 20 P is designed for home connections with home fuse protection of ≥10 A, offering a 2 kW heating capacity. For connections with home fuse protection of ≥16 A, eThermo Top Eco 30 P is the perfect fit, providing a 3 kW heating capacity.

What is included

Your eThermo Top Eco package includes the heater, a wiring harness, a coolant pump, an extension cable, and a coolant hose. The heater can be retrofitted for all drive system types.


eThermo Top Eco - Datasheet

Get detailed specifications with the eThermo Top Eco datasheet.

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