800 Volt
High Voltage Heater

HVH 100 Compact / HVH 100 Compact+ / HVH 120: High Voltage Heater for electric vehicles

The 800 V High Voltage Heater (HVH) from Webasto is ideal for commercial electric vehicles such as trucks, busses as well as construction and agricultural machinery. It converts DC power into heat with practically no losses. This also contributes to sustainability. The innovative technology of Webasto works with an extremely thin heating layer that is firmly bonded onto the heat exchanger, and a large contact area for heating the coolant. The HVH therefore achieves extremely fast heat-up times, precise control, and the highest efficiency.


The model range comprises the HVH 100 Compact, HVH 100 Compact+ and HVH 120, all of which are ISO 21434-compliant but differ in terms of voltage, communication and service life. The HVH 100 Compact offers 12 V and LIN communication, whereas the HVH 100 Compact+ and HVH 120 additionally provide CAN communication and 24 V.

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Benefits of the 800 Volt High Voltage Heater

Customers benefit from greater driving ranges with the same battery capacity and optimum climate comfort. In addition, gentle and optimum conditioning of the battery is possible.

Powerful heating

With up to 12 kW heating power (HVH 120) and a wide voltage range up to 880 V, the 800 V High Voltage Heater series delivers powerful and reliable heating power for maximum comfort in the driver’s cabin.


With its unique layer technology, the High Voltage Heaters from Webasto offer extremely fast heating and high efficiency, ensuring longer driving experience without wasting energy.

Precise controllability

The HVHs offer precise and stepless controllability.

Reliable safety

With a reliable safety concept and certifications for automotive requirements, the HVHs offer redundant mechanisms to handle faults and guarantee safety.

Compact design

Requiring only a small installation space, the HVH from Webasto can easily be integrated into different vehicles.

International support

Webasto offers a wide range of accessories for the installation of High Voltage Heaters into different vehicles as well as an international support and service network.

Technology highlight

Innovative heating layer technology

The HVH heating element is ultra-thin and bonded directly to the heat exchanger. It efficiently converts electrical power to heat due to its innovative layer technology. Its energy efficiency and small footprint surpass competing technologies, unaffected by high coolant temperatures. Additionally, it avoids the use of rare earths unlike PTC elements.

HVH 100

Product details

Product specification

All models in the HVH series fulfill high safety standards according to ISO 26262 against overheating, with functional safety levels ranging from ASIL B to D, which is the highest level. In addition, the HVH 100 Compact, HVH 100 Compact+ and HVH 120 are designed and produced to meet cyber security requirements as documented by the ISO 21434 certificate. The HVHs support a high voltage range of 250 to 880 V and low voltages of 12 and 24 V. Communication is carried out via the LIN protocol, with top models also integrating CAN communication and a main switch. The service life of these models ranges between 12,000 and 25,000 hours.


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