Whether you're hitting the road for work, setting sail at dawn, or settling in for an extended stay, Webasto ensures you're always in your comfort zone. Our heating solutions cater to a diverse array of vehicles—from cars, buses, and trucks to special and off-highway vehicles, as well as boats and recreational vehicles. Ideal for both travel and work environments, our range includes parking heaters, air heaters, and advanced electric options. Engineered for reliability and top-notch quality, Webasto provides a dependable experience that enhances your well-being, no matter the setting.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Tailored solutions for automotive manufacturers

Webasto develops and manufactures thermo systems for all well-known automobile manufacturers worldwide. 

Tailored heating solutions for automotive manufacturers

High Voltage Heater (HVH)

High Voltage Heating

Efficient electric heating

The electric High Voltage Heater (HVH) is the ideal heating system for battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV). It converts DC electric power into heat with practically no losses.
Efficient heating of plugins and electric vehicles

Technology of High Voltage Heaters

The HVH heating element is ultra-thin and compact. It efficiently converts electrical power to heat due to its innovative layer system bonded to the heat exchanger.


Its energy efficiency and small footprint surpass competing technologies, unaffected by high coolant temperatures.

Parking heater

Parking heater

Stable heating performance and reliable operation

Parking heaters from Webasto offer efficient warmth for diverse vehicles, boats and machines. Compact and high-performing, they provide quick, reliable heating, ensuring a cozy ride anywhere.

Stable heating performance from fuel operating heaters

Technology of parking heaters

Our heating systems offer several key benefits. They provide engine preheating and cabin warming, which not only enhances passenger comfort but also prolongs engine life by reducing cold starts.

These systems seamlessly integrate with existing vehicle heating systems for added convenience. Plus, they use engine heat to maintain warmth during brief stops, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.


Air heater

Air heating

Discover efficient, cost-effective air heating

Enjoy reliable, efficient heating with our air heaters, designed for both cabin and cargo temperature maintenance. Suitable for various vehicles, boats and machines, these heaters provide a versatile solution for different temperature control needs.

Impressive performer

Designed for easy integration, these heaters warm up quickly and allow you to customize air distribution.


Whether you prefer recirculating or fresh air modes, our technology has you covered for a cozy ride.

Integrated heat exchangers

Integrated heat exchangers

Integrated heat exchangers

Integrated heat exchangers from Webasto harness the engine's residual heat, integrating seamlessly into the coolant circuit. These are designed for commercial vehicles, minibuses, off-highway, LCV, and special vehicles, offering efficient heating solutions with capacities up to 13.0 kW.

Hybrid heater

Efficient, reliable and versatile

Our heat exchangers are recognized for their engine-on efficiency, flexible heating options, customizable installation, impressive heating output, low current consumption, and high-volume air flow.


Hybrid heater

Hybrid heater

Enjoy a warm cabin and hot shower

Combining diesel heaters with gas or gas-electric boilers, our hybrid heaters for recreational vehicles offer top performance. Enjoy quick heating, abundant hot water, extended gas lifespan, and increased payload with our hybrid heaters.

Hybrid heater

Mix and match

Choose between Hybrid 3, 5, and 7 for compact, diesel-fueled space heating and gas-fueled hot water heating. These units can be combined with an additional electrical heater for water heating.

Marine heater

Marine heater

Optimal comfort on board

Discover the perfect balance of warmth and efficiency with our marine heaters, ensuring a cozy and comfortable environment on board.

Upgrade your maritime comfort

Elevate your marine experience with efficient and reliable heating solutions by Webasto.

Recreational vehicle heater

RV heater

Clever Comfort - Even In the Smallest Kitchen

Our vision is to ensure greater comfort and freedom with our products for motorhomes and caravans. Therefore, our comfort solutions enhance well-being atmosphere by providing cooled drinks or food from a fridge or travel box and delicious meals from the Diesel Cooker.


Cooking off the beaten track - cooking solutions

Good food and drinks are essential for an enjoyable holiday. Our Diesel Cooker X100 ensures an easy preparation of your meal.

Control units

Heating control units

Superior comfort and controls for your heating needs

Experience exceptional comfort and intuitive control with Webasto's advanced heating control units – also available online for remote control. Our control elements offer effortless operation, flexible scheduling, and universal compatibility.


Technology of controlling

Offering flexibility, convenience, and advanced features, our ThermoConnect control app transforms your iOS or Android device into a remote control for your vehicle's heating system.

Heating solutions - Catalog

Browse the comprehensive catalog of Webasto heating solutions.


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Automotive trends

Electromobility is transforming vehicle design, favoring clean lines, large glass, and high-tech features. Webasto is leveraging this shift to create innovative roofs for enhanced comfort and design in driving.
Automotive trends


With our extensive expertise in mechatronics, we develop pioneering solutions tailored to the changing needs of modern industry. At the heart of our vision are state-of-the-art factories where the well-being and satisfaction of employees and customers are paramount.


Get ready for the electric revolution! As electric vehicles take over our streets, Webasto, a pioneer in innovation and technology, is at the forefront. Discover our cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future in electromobility, shaping the way we drive today and beyond.