Discover marine cooling solutions from Webasto: optimal performance for boats, yachts, and large vessels. Customizable to fit your needs, our range spans from compact air-conditioning to large chillers, offering 6,000 to 1,000,000 BTU/h cooling capacities.

Advantages of our marine air-conditioning solutions

The BlueCool marine climate system series from Webasto ensures optimal cooling on every ship: compact standalone modules for high efficiency and chiller systems combined with air purification and distribution for the ultimate adaptability on waterways.

Marine air-conditioning

Benefits of our marine air-conditioning solutions

High-performance cooling

Our systems deliver powerful cooling to meet your marine needs.

Individual capacities

Customize the capacity to fit your specific marine requirements.

Centralized systems

Manage your marine cooling needs from central systems.

Modular design

Our modular designs allow for seamless integration and high availability in marine applications.

Customizable range

Choose from a range of options to best suit your needs.

Advanced functionality

Benefit from the advanced features of our marine chiller systems.

Overview Marine air-conditioning

  • BlueCool S-Series Self-contained units

    High-efficiency air-conditioning units for boats with up to three cabins. Compact design, optimized power efficiency, quiet operation.
    BlueCool S-Series product picture on blue background BlueCool S-Series header
  • BlueCool V-Series Chiller Systems

    Maximize comfort and efficiency with BlueCool V-Series chiller systems. Ideal for vessels with three or more independent cabins. Quiet operation & easy installation.
    BlueCool V-Series product picture on blue background BlueCool V-Series header
  • BlueCool C-Series Chiller Systems

    Designed for yachts that require air-conditioning across three or more independent areas. Central control unit & individual cabin panels.
    BlueCool C-Series product picture on blue background BlueCool C-Series header
  • BlueCool V-PRO Series Chiller Systems

    Modular and flexible chiller system for maximum comfort on mid-sized to super yachts and commercial boats. Exceptional efficiency & advanced variable speed technology.
    BlueCool V-Series product picture on blue background BlueCool V-Series header
  • BlueCool F-Series Fresh Air Makeup unit

    Designed to create comfortable cabin environments on larger yachts. High-efficiency air filters, improved climate control & compact design.
    BlueCool F-Series product picture on blue background BlueCool F-Series header
  • BlueCool A-Series Air handler

    Experience optimal onboard comfort with BlueCool A-Series air handlers. High performance, silent operation. Various models for boats and yachts.
    BlueCool A-Series product picture on blue background BlueCool A-Series header
  • BlueCool Connect

    Control your vessel's BlueCool Series air-conditioning system remotely - directly from your smartphone and other devices. Seamless connectivity & worldwide accessibility.
    BlueCool Connect product picture on blue background BlueCool Connect header
  • BlueCool MyTouch

    Enhance usability and experience for your BlueCool Series air-conditioning system. Intuitive operation, customizable settings and seemless integration into your boat.
    BlueCool MyTouch control on blue background BlueCool MyTouch header
  • BlueComfort Premium

    High heating capacity and effective cooling - all in one system. Adaptable design for all boat sizes, high efficiency in low temperatures.
    Illustration of BlueComfort Premium installation on blue background BlueComfort Premium header
  • Breeze by Webasto

    Extend your boating season with Breeze by Webasto. Engine-powered system for consistent performance without the need for additional generators.
    Breeze by Webasto system installed in boat on blue background Breeze by Webasto header

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