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Breeze by Webasto - Engine powered cooling and heating system

Specially designed for the marine industry, the integrated solution Breeze by Webasto provides ambient cooling and heating for many scenarios with its simple on/off button and three fan speeds. Experience extended water time with Breeze.

Benefits of Breeze by Webasto

Breeze by Webasto offers extended seasons, valuable comfort benefits for boat builders and owners, a belt-driven compressor and a 12V DC system that does not require a generator. Moreover, its compact design is cost-effective and it is easy to operate with a simple on/off button and three fan speeds.

Extends boat seasons

Enjoy longer boat seasons by experiencing cooling and heating based on your comfort.

Engine powered system

A robust engine-powered system ensures consistent performance without the need for additional generators.

Easy on/off feature

A user-friendly interface with a simple on/off for easy control.

Three fan speeds

Customize your comfort with three distinct fan speeds, ensuring the right airflow for every scenario.

Compact design

Benefit from the space-saving design of Breeze by Webasto which makes installation and integration seamless even in tight spaces.

12 Volt DC system

Operate with a 12 V DC system, eliminating the need for an external generator, making it energy efficient and convenient.

Product details

Product specification

Breeze by Webasto is meticulously designed with a range of components to meet various marine requirements. The kit includes condenser compressors, evaporator kits, wiring kits, seawater kits, diffusers, duct adapters and much more. Each part is engineered for optimal performance and seamless integration.

Model overview

Whether you are looking for a cooling-only solution or a combined cooling and heating system, Breeze by Webasto offers diverse models to fit your marine needs. Components are tailored for efficiency, with performance metrics like BTU/h cooling and heating capacities, dimensions to fit various vessel spaces and electrical details such as voltage and amps.

Model overviewThermo Top Eveo 4Thermo Top Evo 5Thermo Top Evo 5+*
ECE approval number ECE R12
E1 00 0258E1 00 0258E1 00 0258

ECE approval number ECE R10

E1 04 5627E1 04 5627E1 04 5627
Heating capacity, part load/ full load (kW)
Fuel consumption, part load / full load (l/h) +/- 10%0.31/0.490.39/0.560.31/0.620.39/0.700.31/0.620.39/0.70
Nominal voltage121212
Rated power consumion without coolant pump, part load/ful l load (W) without vehicle’s fan, +/- 10%12/2115/2112/3315/3312/3315/33
DIN EN 590,Paraffinic fuel
(HVO / GTL)DIN EN 15940
E0-E10 EN 228,
E85 DIN 51625
DIN EN 590,Paraffinic fuel
(HVO / GTL)DIN EN 15940
E0-E10 EN 228,
E85 DIN 51625
DIN EN 590,Paraffinic fuel
(HVO / GTL)DIN EN 15940
E0-E10 EN 228,
E85 DIN 51625
Operating temperature range (°C)-40 to +60
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)218 x 91 x 147218 x 91 x 147218 x 91 x 147
Weight (kg)
Coolant pump U4847 Econ-
Volume flow against 0.14 bar (l/h)500
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)109x49x79
Weight (kg)0.3

* More details can be found here


Breeze by Webasto - Datasheet

Download the Breeze by Webasto datasheet for more information.

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