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Pure joy and driving fun

As an expert in convertible roof systems, Webasto offers the world's widest variety of convertible tops for this special driving experience – whether retractable hard top, soft top or hybrid top for exclusive small series or volume models. Webasto's convertible tops meet the highest demands in terms of acoustics, appearance, convenient operation, opening and closing times, and storage space.

Our strength

Market leader

With over 30 years of convertible experience, Webasto ensures maximum driving pleasure and is the undisputed market leader in this field.

Technology expert

A convertible roof from Webasto contains concentrated technological know-how: closing a roof while driving, optimally tuned acoustics and thermal insulation when driving with the top closed are examples. 

Reliable partner

Webasto is also a reliable partner along the entire value chain. From the first idea, over development until the serial production stands Webasto by its customers.

Versatile systems

Soft top

Classic design meets modern comfort

An elegant soft top in classic convertible design provides protection in bad weather conditions. Complex kinematic mechanisms and sophisticated locking technology mean that a soft top can be opened in seconds, even while driving, and it slides under a cover taking up the smallest of spaces. 

Soft top roof system

Hard top

Stability with attractive options

Retractable hard tops (RHT) are manufactured today in steel, carbon, aluminum, plastic or glass. Webasto has all sizes and segments in its roof range, from one- to five-part RHTs. Glass panels with additional functions can also be integrated.

Hard top roof for an Convertible

Hybrid top

Textile look and coupé shape

With its hybrid roof, Webasto transfers the elegant silhouette of a coupé to a textile-look convertible top by using innovative materials and sophisticated kinematics. The integrated paper honeycomb technology is setting new standards in weight, acoustic and appearance.

Hybrid textil top for an Convertible

Innovative functions

Opening and closing times, impermeability and isolation, acoustics and, last but not least, its appearance – the demands placed on modern convertible roofs could not be higher. Webasto's solutions meet them with flying colors and continue to set new standards.

BMW Convertible with a Hybrid Top

Fast opening and closing time

Open air feeling in a few seconds

Convertible tops from Webasto can be opened while driving at the touch of a button in just a few seconds. In one fluid movement and with a minimum of noise, they disappear under a soft top flap despite the airstream. The top is opened and closed by using a hydraulic or electric drive. 

Young girls in a Convertible


All-weather suitability

Webasto has developed a protective shield – an adjustable sealing system – against water, freezing cold and blistering heat. It is so reliable that modern convertibles with a Webasto roof can be driven all year round. 

All-weather suitability for a Convertible


Coupé-level acoustics

Vehicle manufacturers and customers expect interior noise levels like in a coupé. As so often, Webasto achieves this through sophisticated engineering. The roofs are designed in such a way that the air flow around the vehicle does not generate any disturbing noises. The use of special insulating materials guarantees insulation that is the absolute benchmark on the convertible market.

Coupe-level acoustics in a convertible


Elegant design

Particularly in the case of textile solutions, the roof emphasizes the elegant silhouette of the vehicle. The outer skin should be as smooth as that of a coupé. To ensure that folds or the soft top frame are not visible, Webasto has developed an innovative on-roof insulation system. 

Elegant design for a Convertible roof

Our quality standards

Webasto relies on premium materials and experienced production staff to develop, offer and produce its extensive portfolio in such a way that the most diverse convertible tops meet high quality standards worldwide. Webasto's processes and workflows in development and production are constantly being refined.


In addition, the international competence centers ensure that the highly specialized products are delivered to customers in the desired quantities and in the highest quality after start of series production. To ensure quality, convertible tops from Webasto have to pass extensive tests under extreme conditions.


Airflow tests

When convertible tops close while driving, a soft top stretches open like a large sail in the wind. Complex kinematic processes ensure a reliable mechanism despite these enormous forces. Our convertible experts test this in a wind tunnel under extreme conditions.

Stability of an Convertible roof


Leakage tests

Rain, frost and snow — roofs from Webasto also have to protect from various weather conditions and extreme temperatures. For testing purposes, our tops are exposed to all conditions in climate and shower chambers. 

Man Leak test a convertible roof


Vibration tests

On the multi-axis shaker table, our soft tops have to prove that they can cope with all conditions in terms of vehicle rigidity. Because one thing is certain: If the soft top opens and closes reliably despite extreme vibrations and sloping positions, every off-road journey will be child's play.

Vibration test of a Convertible roof system


Stiffness tests

Convertible tops have an impact on the vehicle’s body. To ensure that all mechanisms, such as opening and closing of roof and windows, still function reliably, this is tested extensively under torsion of the vehicle on the sine curve.

Stiffness tests of a convertible roof

Curious to learn more? 

We will be happy to answer your questions about our innovative convertible systems. Write us a message and we will get in touch with you immediately.

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