High Voltage

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The electric High Voltage Heater (HVH) is the ideal heating system for battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV). It converts direct current (DC) electric power into heat with practically no losses. The HVH is offered with heat outputs of 5 kilowatt (kW), 7 kW and 10 kW.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Tailored solutions for automotive manufacturers

Webasto develops and manufactures thermo systems for all well-known automobile manufacturers worldwide. 

Tailored heating solutions for automotive manufacturers

Innovative heating layer technology

The HVH heating element, just 0.6 mm thin and 200 cm² in size, consists of a complex layer system and is firmly bonded to the heat exchanger. That is how almost loss-free, rapid conversion of electrical power to heat is achieved.

Innovative heating layer technology - High Voltage Heater

Benefits of High Voltage Heaters

Constant heat output

The power of the HVH is constant and independent of the coolant temperature or operating voltage.

Powertrain Care

The HVH does not produce inrush current and supports thus a stable system. The battery lifetime is therefore increased thanks to best operating conditions.

Optimized installation

The compact design of the HVH and its low weight allow flexible installation positions in the engine compartment. An intelligent architecture enables easy Plug & Play installation in series production. 

Product overview High Voltage Heater

  • 400 Volt High Voltage Heater

    HVH 50/70: The powerful electric High Voltage Heater (HVH) with up to 5 or 7 kW heating power, ideal for 400 Volt systems in electric cars, transporters and special vehicles.
    HVH 50/70 product picture on orange background HVH 50/70 header
  • 800 Volt High Voltage Heater

    HVH 100 Compact / HVH 100 Compact+ / HVH 120: The perfect heating system for large plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, strong heating power, high efficiency and reliable safety.
    Product picture of HVH 100 Compact and HVH 120 on orange background HVH 800 Volt header

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