Parking cooler

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Parking coolers from Webasto are powerful solutions designed to maintain a comfortable cabin climate in trucks, ensuring both driver comfort and energy efficiency.

A pleasant cabin climate at all times – independant of the engine

Experience parking cooler from Webasto: efficient cooling, reduced engine idling, and fuel savings. Benefit from quiet operation, easy installation, and wide compatibility across various truck models.

Parking cooler

Benefits of parking coolers

Energy efficiency

Achieve powerful cooling with optimized power consumption, driven by the vehicle's battery.

Quiet operation

Ensure a peaceful cabin environment with low noise levels during operation.

Lightweight construction

Benefit from easy installation and compatibility with high cabins due to the lightweight design.

Consistent performance

Reliable operation ensured by advanced electronic system controllers.

Broad compatibility

Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, complementing original interiors.

Color variety

Choose from different color options, including white and red, to match your preferences.

Overview parking coolers

  • Cool Top RTE 16

    Explore the innovative air-condioning unit Cool Top RTE 16, ideal for cooling of truck cabins. Optimal air distribution, quiet operation, easy installation.
    Cool Top RTE 16 product picture on blue background Cool Top RTE 16 header
  • Cool Top RTE 23

    Experience superior cooling in your truck cabin with Cool Top RTE 23, a powerful electric rooftop air-conditioner. Reduce engine idling times and save fuel.
    Cool Top RTE 23 product picture on blue background Cool Top RTE 23 header

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