Cool Top 
RTE 16

Truck cabin cooling redefined

The Webasto Cool Top RTE 16 is an innovative rooftop air-conditioning unit designed for truck cabins. This high-performing system ensures a comfortable, low-humidity environment in the cabin while being energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

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Benefits of Cool Top RTE 16

The Cool Top RTE 16 from Webasto delivers powerful cooling of the truck cabin, optimal air distribution and quiet operation. Its lightweight construction and easy installation make it a top choice for trucks and light commercial vehicles. Moreover, its electric operation reduces engine idling, saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions.


Electric operation reduces engine idling, saving up to 10 % on fuel consumption.

Quiet operation

Operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment for drivers to rest.

Easy installation

Simple installation process in existing roof openings, saving valuable time.

Powerful cooling

With a cooling capacity of 1,600 W, it ensures comfortable temperatures in truck cabs.

Innovative design

Its flat design enables installation on high cabins without compromising aerodynamics.


By reducing engine idling times, it contributes to lowering carbon emissions.

Technology highlight

Cutting-edge cooling system

Our system combines high performance with a lightweight and flat design for easy installation and fuel efficiency.

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Product details

Product specification

The Cool Top RTE 16 from Webasto has a 1,600 W cooling capacity, lightweight construction and a flat design enabling installation even on high cabins without compromising aerodynamics. The electric operation saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions.

Model overview

Cool Top RTE 16 offers a high-performing and eco-friendly cooling solution for trucks and light commercial vehicles. Its powerful cooling capacity, fuel efficiency and quiet operation make it an ideal choice for your vehicle.

What is included

The Cool Top RTE 16 package includes the air conditioning unit, installation kit and user manual.


Cool Top RTE 16 - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for the Cool Top RTE 16.

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