Power Cycling &
Test Systems

Power Up Your Confidence: Reliable Testing Solutions

Our Power Cycling and Test Systems are used for a wide range of testing, charging and development activities associated with advanced batteries, fuel cells, ultra capacitors, hybrid energy systems, motors, generators, uninterruptible power systems, and powertrain components.


With a full power range (+/-5kW to +/-1MW) of bi-directional DC equipment, our Power Cycling and Test Systems can handle virtually any DC supply or load requirement. In addition, Webasto systems can emulate any drivetrain component, enabling the testing of individual components or partial drivetrains accurately and realistically, allowing true hardware-in-the-loop testing.


Our equipment provides unparalleled reliability and up-time – our original equipment is still in use after 30 years of service.

Advantages of Power Test Systems

Ensure Operational Reliability and Safety

Power test systems and equipment help identify potential issues in electrical systems before they lead to costly breakdowns or safety hazards. By testing components and systems under controlled conditions, you can proactively address problems and ensure everything is functioning as intended.

Improve Efficiency and Performance

Power test systems and equipment can help you optimize the performance of your electrical systems. By identifying areas of inefficiency or power loss, you can take steps to improve system performance and reduce energy consumption.

Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs

By catching problems early, power test systems and equipment can help you avoid costly downtime and repairs. Preventive maintenance is always cheaper than corrective maintenance, and power testing can help you identify issues before they become major problems.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your electrical systems are functioning properly can give you peace of mind. Power test systems and equipment can help you ensure that your systems are safe, reliable, and efficient.

Product Overview

  • I-TS-3870

    Single-channel system for testing and simulation of batteries, fuel cells and powertrains. One output with up to 1200 V and 1200 A. Maximum power in single operation 650 kW, up to 2.6 MW in parallel operation.
  • MI-TS-3871

    Multi-channel system for energy-saving tests and simulations. Two or four outputs, up to 1200 V and 1200 A per output (without galvanic isolation between the DC outputs).
  • 900EX

    The 900 EX is the most advanced high power test system for use in testing and emulating a wide variety of active and passive loads. Test faster and more efficiently with more predictive results.
  • 900

    The 900 is Webasto's heavy duty test solution. With greater voltage, current, and power capability, this system is ideal for testing and emulating energy storage and drivetrain components of large electric and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), such as buses, trucks and military vehicles.
  • ABC-600

    The ABC-600 is a high voltage cycling station that was originally developed to meet specific customer requirements. This system is ideal for testing hybrid vehicles and high voltage drivetrains, motors and energy storage devices. The ABC-600 offers power up to 150kW, with a voltage range of 8 to 600VDC and a current range of ±600ADC.
  • ABC-170 / 170 CE

    The ABC-170 / 170 CE* power processing system is used to meet fuel cell testing and sinking power needs. Originally developed for fuel cell testing applications and for systems that require additional sinking power, Webasto Charging Systems, Inc. customers have also used this versatile machine to cycle hybrids and batteries.
  • ABC-150

    The ABC-150 was originally developed to support the design and development of the drivetrain and subsystems of the GM Impact, the first modern electric car. All Webasto power cycling systems are equipped with a real-time clock on the system’s control board that enables measurement of Ah and kWh during cycling.
  • MT-30

    The MT-30 is ideal for testing smaller applications such as battery modules, fuel stacks, partial modules and smaller components. This system provides an economical solution for a variety of testing needs while occupying a small footprint in the laboratory. All Webasto Charging Systems, Inc. power cycling systems are equipped with a real-time clock on the system’s control board that enables measurement of Ah and kWh during cycling.

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