Power Test System

Multi-channel system for energy-saving tests and simulations

The MI-TS system is more than just a battery tester. It's a comprehensive testing powerhouse designed to handle a wide range of tasks. Need to analyze battery performance through charging, discharging, and simulation? The MI-TS has you covered. It can also efficiently load fuel cells and evaluate critical components like contactors, fuses, and DC motors used in drive trains. But the MI-TS doesn't stop there. Its versatility extends to testing charging columns and even providing power for train maintenance, making it an invaluable tool for diverse testing needs.


Safety is paramount with the MI-TS. This system adheres to stringent PLd safety standards and incorporates features like emergency stops and isolated outputs to prioritize user and equipment protection. Control is also a breeze thanks to its versatile interface options like Modbus TCP/IP, CAN-Bus, and SCPI. Additionally, optional compatibility with Profibus, Profinet, and LabView allows for a truly customized testing experience. With exceptional power delivery, short-circuit protection, and precise control, the MI-TS delivers top-notch performance for reliable results.

MI-TS-3871: Unit Benefits

Multi-channel system for energy-saving tests and simulations. Two or four outputs, up to 1200 V and 1200 A per output (without galvanic isolation between the DC outputs).

Powerful Testing

Handles batteries, fuel cells, powertrains (up to 1200V/1200A), scales to 1.3 MW in parallel.

Prioritized Safety

Meets PLd safety standards with emergency stops and isolated outputs.

Versatile Control

Operates with Modbus TCP/IP, CAN-Bus, SCPI, with optional Profibus, Profinet, LabView, and Ethernet compatibility.

Expandable Functionality

Offers optional features like insulation monitoring, parallel operation, power distribution switch boxes, discharge unit, water cooling, and an overload variant for short-term high-load testing.

Technical Specifications


MI-TS-3871 Power Test System - Datasheet

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