Strategy for
long-term success

Webasto has been a major player in the market for roof and heating systems for decades. In 2016, the decision was made not only to further expand this core business, but also to tap into new growth opportunities in the field of electromobility. In a very short space of time, the company has successfully established itself in this market with its expanded product range. The new business has become an integral part of the Webasto Group.


In parallel, the general conditions in the automotive industry have changed significantly in recent years. The transformation, geopolitical disputes, rapid cost increases, climate change and extremely volatile demand pose huge challenges for all market participants.


In view of these developments, Webasto redefined its strategic settings in 2023. In the course of this, the company has formulated a clear and holistic ambition for itself that describes, what Webasto aspires to be. The ambition expresses the long-term targets of the Group. In order to reach these goals, Webasto is pursuing a future-oriented strategy concentrating on two business areas and five success factors


Webasto aspires to ...

…    enhance the joy of individual mobility by upgrading the majority of cars around the world with its sustainable products

…    be the partner of choice, delivering innovative solutions with outstanding quality and reliability

…    be a place for personal growth, a brand that attracts talent, a home of a winning team, and a company that makes a difference for the environment and society

…    outgrow the market, rank in the top 3 with every part of its businesses, and achieve financial success in all regions

…    surpass average automotive supplier margins, enabling the company to preserve its independence and to invest in its business and people

Roof & Electrification - two strong pillars

Webasto, at its core, is a global systems partner to car manufacturers. In addition, the company offers complementary products and services for special vehicle makers.


Webasto aims to make a significant contribution to a climate-friendlier and more enjoyable mobility with innovative products and complementary services.


To this end, the technology company is concentrating on two business areas: Roof (roof systems) and Electrification (electrification of vehicles with batteries and thermo management solutions) and focusses on selected success factors helping to overcome challenges and use opportunities in the best possible manner.


In a nutshell, the strategy of the Group can be summarized as follows: RE:focus.

Success factors

Webasto has defined five success factors, to overcome key challenges and build competitive advantages in a dynamic market environment.


  • Innovation & Customer Proximity
  • Sustainability in the company’s DNA
  • Operational & Digital Excellence
  • People Centricity
  • Resilience & Financial Robustness
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