Telescopic Shade

Extend your time on the water

The marine sunroof system Telescopic Shade 2500 by Webasto offers sun protection and thus extends your time on water. This electric-powered retractable sunshade ensures smooth operation, anchored or motoring. Easy to install, it is perfect for boat enthusiasts seeking comfort.

Benefits of Telescopic Shade 2500

The Telescopic Shade 2500 is the solution for extending time on the water. It offers a customizable shade area, easy installation, exceptional sun protection and an eco-friendly design. With self-adjusting features and easy retrofitting options, it enhances boating experience.

Effortless setup

The Telescopic Shade 2500 offers easy installation, ideal for boat owners who value simplicity. Its design facilitates quick setup in just a few steps. Base tubes attach with adjustable brackets, stainless beams self-adjust to reduce system stress.

Adjustable coverage

The Telescopic Shade 2500 extends up to 2 m for optimal comfort. It is adjustable up to 2,500 mm (8 ft) and offers four trendy colors. Additional color options are available.

Easy to retrofit

The Telescopic Shade 2500 is not only easy to install, but also simple to retrofit on any boat which makes it a versatile and practical addition to any vessel.

Elegant and functional design

With its high-gloss polished stainless steel tubes and a modern fabric design, the Telescopic Shade 2500 is a real eye-catcher on any boat.

Reliable sun protection

Our sunshade provides excellent UV protection to minimize the harmful effects of the sun and allow you to fully enjoy your boating experience.

Self-adjusting feature

The self-adjusting design of the Telescopic Shade 2500 means it can adapt to changing conditions, providing effective shade at all times.

Technology highlights

Eco-friendly and durable shade fabric

The Telescopic Shade 2500 features a premium, eco-friendly fabric. This material is adept at resisting UV rays, fading and tearing. Designed for resilience, it withstands extreme conditions and dries quickly, preventing mold. Additionally, it is easy to clean and comes in four standard colors, with more customizable options.

Telescopic shade marine roof on a boat on the ocean Telescopic Shade on boat

Simplified installation process

The base tubes are attached to the boat with adjustable mounting clamps. The stainless steel cross beams are self-adjusting, reducing tension in the system.

Top view of a boat with Telescopic Shade marine roof Telescopic Shade boat

Product details

Product specifications

The Telescopic Shade 2500 is a marine sunshade system that extends to 2.0 meters. It provides excellent UV protection, easy installation and is made of eco-friendly marine-grade material. It can be retrofitted to any boat, ensuring you have shade wherever you go.


Telescopic Shade 2500 - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for more information about Telescopic Shade 2500.

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