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The atmosphere in the interior and the design aspect are becoming increasingly important. The vehicle is a place to feel good. This aspect becomes even more important when the driver is no longer only occupied with driving. That is why car manufacturers are increasingly opting for glass instead of steel: continuous glass roofs and clear design lines without interfering edges are in high demand. With large fixed panoramic roofs, manufacturers are also reducing the complexity of the equipment and mechanics. The glass roof is therefore increasingly becoming a 100% feature, while the openable roof stays constant a popular additional feature. 

High-tech features

At the same time, customers are increasingly asking for digital features. This is why Webasto is investing in high-tech glass and utilising the roof as a large innovation area. Features such as ambient light and switchable glazing increase comfort and design and ensure a special driving experience.  

Different roof systems

Roof in transition

High-tech and fresh air

High-tech glass can be integrated into both fixed and openable roof systems. Fixed roofs are becoming more and more popular, but the feeling of fresh air is a special experience. For this openable roofs will always remain a popular option.

Ambient light in openable roof system

Roof in transition

Elegant sensor integration

In addition, Webasto's Roof Sensor Module enables the elegant and fully functional integration of various sensors into a roof system to support autonomous driving systems. The position on the roof ensures particularly reliable environmental detection and, in combination with openable and fixed panoramic roofs, can be seamlessly integrated into car manufacturers' production lines.

Autonomous driving roof systems

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Get ready for the electric revolution! As electric vehicles take over our streets, Webasto, a pioneer in innovation and technology, is at the forefront. Discover our cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future in electromobility, shaping the way we drive today and beyond.
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With our extensive expertise in mechatronics, we develop pioneering solutions tailored to the changing needs of modern industry. At the heart of our vision are state-of-the-art factories where the well-being and satisfaction of employees and customers are paramount.
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Roof Sensor Module

Roof systems autonomous driving

Webasto pioneers in integrating cutting-edge sensor technologies like cameras, radar, and lidar into car roofs.

Roof systems autonomous driving

Fixed roofs

High-tech glass and panoramic view

Webasto's fixed roof systems go beyond aesthetics, integrating cutting-edge technologies like switchable glazing and ambient lighting.

Fixed panoramic roofs

Openable roofs

Fresh air and comfortable light

Panoramic roofs offer drivers a genuine open-air feeling with a sense of spaciousness and a clear view of the sky.

Openable Panoramic roofs