Transport refrigeration

Freshness is crucial for many goods, whether it's medications, paints and chemicals, fruits and vegetables, fish or meat. Everything has to be right during transport: the precisely fitting cooling system, powerful technology, and its user-friendly operation. Webasto offers transport cooling systems for various vehicles and refrigeration needs.

Efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendliness combined

Our transport refrigeration systems offer high efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendliness, ensuring optimal temperatures for perishable goods during transport.

Benefits of eBTM and eTM

Benefits of the transport refrigeration products

Efficient cooling

Systems offer high efficiency across all temperature ranges, reducing fuel consumption and operational costs.

Temperature control

Automatic temperature regulation ensures goods are always kept at the ideal temperature during transport.

Reliable components

High-quality components from proven series production processes offer exceptional reliability and a long service life.

Fast availability

Fast availability of devices and spare parts minimizes downtime and ensures continuous operation.

Eco-friendly operation

These systems offer eco-friendly operation, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Flexible and tailored systems

Choose the elements that suit your needs, offering a truly tailored refrigeration system.

Overview Transport refrigeration products

  • Frigo Top 10 I-E/I-ES/I-ESG

    Explore the Frigo Top 10 , a fully integrated, battery-operated transport refrigeration system. Perfect for small to medium vehicles. High efficiency, easy installation.
    Frigo Top 10 product picture on blue background Frigo Top 10 header
  • Frigo Top 24/36/38/43 RT-D

    Outstanding cooling performance for light commercial vehicles of up to 22 m³ load size. Adaptable cooling system for single and multi-temperature use.
    Frigo Top RT-D product picture on blue background Frigo Top RT-D header
  • Frigo Top 25/35/40 RT-DS

    Refrigeration system for light-duty vehicles with up to 21 m³ cargo space. Extremely durable, dual-side defrosting system, high efficiency across all temperature ranges.
    Frigo Top RT-DS product picture on blue background Frigo Top RT-DS header
  • Frigo Top 35 RT-DSMT

    Enery-efficient, flexible temperature control for perishable goods transportation. Flat, space-saving design and cost-effective maintenance.
    Frigo Top 35 product picture on blue background Frigo Top 35 header
  • Pordoi 2000/3000/4000

    Ensure ideal temperatures for your perishable goods with Pordoi refrigeration systems. Modular design for a wide range of applications.
    Pordoi product picture on blue background Pordoi header
  • Rolle 2000 / 2000 HD

    Ensure perishable goods freshness with Rolle 2000 / 2000 HD transport refrigeration systems. For cargo space volumes up to 5 m³. ATP-certified.
    Rolle product picture on blue background Rolle header

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