high-tech glass

Light scenarios, shading or the utilisation of solar energy – high-tech glass from Webasto makes it all possible. The integration of innovative technologies directly into the large glass panels of modern vehicle roofs opens up new and visually impressive possibilities for more comfort and driving pleasure for the automotive supplier. Webasto uses the roof as a large innovation surface. "The trend in the vehicle sector is clearly moving towards spacious panoramic roofs in the wake of electromobility," explains Jan Henning Mehlfeldt, responsible for the global roof business at Webasto. "With our clever technologies, we integrate high-tech into the glass to create a very special driving experience." 

Special knowhow

Glass Competence Center 

With the takeover of the Luxembourg-based company Carlex Glass in August 2022, Webasto entered the production of high-tech glass. More than 400 employees are specialized in glass processing. The current capacity in Luxembourg of around 800,000 glasses per year is planned to be doubled by 2025 and tripled by 2027. Due to the location of the plant, activities are currently limited to Europe. An expansion to Asia is planned in the next step.

Design elements in the glass with ambient light

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Get ready for the electric revolution! As electric vehicles take over our streets, Webasto, a pioneer in innovation and technology, is at the forefront. Discover our cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future in electromobility, shaping the way we drive today and beyond.
Webasto Electrification Overview



With our extensive expertise in mechatronics, we develop pioneering solutions tailored to the changing needs of modern industry. At the heart of our vision are state-of-the-art factories where the well-being and satisfaction of employees and customers are paramount.
Webasto Digitalization Overview

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Roof Sensor Module

Sensor integration for autonomous driving

Webasto pioneers in integrating cutting-edge sensor technologies like cameras, radar, and lidar into car roofs.

Roof systems autonomous driving

Fixed roofs

Panoramic view and high-tech glass

Webasto's fixed roof systems go beyond aesthetics, integrating cutting-edge technologies like switchable glazing and ambient lighting.

Fixed panoramic roofs

Openable roofs

Fresh air and driving fun

Panoramic roofs offer drivers a genuine open-air feeling with a sense of spaciousness and a clear view of the sky.

Openable Panoramic roofs