Shaping the climate-neutral mobility of the future

In line with the company´s purpose and corporate values, Webasto is shaping the climate-neutral mobility of the future with its innovative drive, expertise and global network. In doing so, environmentally and socially responsible management is explicitly not based on short-term profit maximization, but on long-term strategies and value generation.

Shaping the climate-neutral mobility of the future

Customer & products

With passion for technology and innovation, the company is continuously expanding its range of products in the area of electromobility.


Webasto works closely with almost all automotive manufacturers worldwide and has a thorough knowledge of industry standards, requirements, markets and trends.


The automotive industry is currently undergoing a major transition due to emerging ambitious international, European and national climate targets that are accelerating the shift toward electric motors and zero-emission mobility.

Customer & Products

Committed to sustainable mobility

Webasto is committed to sustainable mobility: Webasto products help to master the pressing key challenges facing the automotive industry. In the further development of its product portfolio, the Group focuses on future viability and channels its R&D resources into high-tech, sustainable innovations. Recent mergers and acquisitions have strengthened the company´s position as a systems partner for the global automotive industry.

Committed to sustainable mobility

Climate-friendly mobility

High-performance products for climate-friendly mobility

In order to actively shape the transformation, Webasto, as innovation and technology leader, offers a broad portfolio of advanced solutions, for example high-voltage heaters for electric and hybrid vehicles or individualized and standardized battery solutions.

High performance products for climate friendly mobility Heating_HVH_production_Neubrandenburg_2360-1.tif

Green loan for battery R&D

Support for sustainable battery development

In 2022, Webasto received a EUR 100 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to develop traction batteries for electric vehicles. The EIB’s Green Loan is thereby funding research and development expenditure for Webasto´s key battery systems field of business. 

Green loan for battery R&D


Webasto supports e-mobility research

In collaboration with Webasto, RWTH Aachen University is realizing a research project on Europe's first prototype of an all-electric truck with a pantograph. Current studies show potential savings around 50 percent of CO2 emissions compared to conventional trucks by 2030.

E-Mobility research


Lightweight solutions for material and energy efficiency

Lightweight construction is one of the dominant topics in the automotive industry to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. As the world market leader for roof systems, Webasto has developed innovative lightweight construction technologies.

Lightweight solutions


Solar roof technology for electric and hybrid vehicles

The solar cells of the Webasto solar roof systems for electric vehicles have an efficiency of 23 percent in converting solar energy into electric power. We produce solar roofs with a power output from 180 up to 300 Watt Peak.

Solar roof technology

Customer & product-related goals

The Group's commitment to sustainable mobility is reflected in the current targets relating to its product portfolio:

Product emission targets

Setting CO2 emission targets for main products by 2023


Recyclability criteria developed with suppliers and customers by 2023

Purchasing & supply chain

In the area of purchasing the mission is to achieve cost efficiency, reliable quality and timely delivery over the entire supply chain.


The company particulary strives to build a sustainable and ethical supply chain and establish clear social and environmental responsibility requirements for suppliers.


Defined processes for purchasing ensure suppliers are certified to meet environmental protection standards.

Purchasing & supply chain

Purchasing & supply chain

Committed to responsibility

Webasto relies on sustainable and trustworthy relationships with its suppliers and seeks to partner only with suppliers who share the same core values. To this end, a Supplier Code of Conduct establishes minimum standards to which each of the Webasto suppliers commits. In particular, it complements the requirements of the new German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (SCDDA) and covers for example internationally recognized human rights, non-discrimination and diversity or environmental principles.

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Supply chain transparency

CO2 emissions in the supply chain

As part of its climate strategy project 2022, CO2 emissions in the Group´s supply chains were calculated. Purchased goods and services account for a large part of Webasto’s Scope 3 emissions; this is where the company sees a major lever for reducing its emissions.

CO2 emissions in the supply chain Aerial view of coal power plant high pipes with black smoke moving up polluting atmosphere at sunrise., Aerial view of coal power plant high pipes with black smoke movi

Supplier Code of Conduct

Ensuring standards in the supply chain

The Supplier Code of Conduct establishes minimum standards to which Webasto expects each of its suppliers to commit, covering human rights principles, labor rights, non-discrimination and diversity, environmental principles and business relationship principles. Compliance is continuously monitored.

Ensuring standards in the supply chain Code of conduct business concept on wooden blocks in businessman hands. Ethics and respect in working collective.

Supplier network

#futurize2gether ‒ Exchange of ideas with global partners

Under the motto of the International Supplier Day #futurize2gether, Webasto exchanged ideas with around 300 guests from 20 countries. The Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke GmbH, which supplies all German Webasto locations with electricity from 100 percent renewable energy sources, received an award.


Supplier Playbook

Climate ambassadors ‒ together with the suppliers

The Sustainability Supplier Playbook is supporting Webasto suppliers in implementing sustainability principles and practices. Essential methods and tools, as well as an overviews, case studies and industry best practices.

Supplier Playbook eco friendly construction in a contemporary metropolis. A sustainable glass building with green tree branches and leaves for lowering heat and carbon dioxide. Green workplace office building. Green li. Generative AI, eco friendly construction in a contemporary metropolis. A sustai

Whistleblower System

Ensuring and protecting the corporate principles

The “Whistleblower System” enables ‒ internally and externally  ‒ to provide confidential and anonymous tips in order to identify violations of laws, internal regulations or other misconduct at an early stage and to be able to combat them decisively.

Whistleblower system Woman, secret and hand over mouth on mockup in studio against a gray background to whisper gossip or a rumor. Communication, news and a female closeup talking with secrecy to keep her voice silent

Purchasing & supply chain goals


German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act implemented by 2023

Supplier management

Adaption of the supplier management process with a focus on sourcing decisions considering sustainability criteria by 2024

ESG risk management

Standardize processes for ESG risk management by 2023

Climate & environment

Intensifying climate change presents both opportunities and risks for Webasto. The ambition to create solutions for sustainable mobility is anchored throughout the company.


Webasto is convinced that the strong demand for its products will continue in view of the accelerating trend towards alternative drive technologies.


On the other hand, manufacturing the products and carrying out business operations are undeniably resource and energy intensive. Therefore, Webasto production sites and own operations have a substantial environmental impact. Aware of this Webasto is prepared to take responsibility for it.

Climate & environment

Climate & environment

Committed to transformation

Ready for the transition to more sustainability and circular economy, the company successfully carried out a Webasto wide climate strategy project in 2022 with the aim of striking a balance between manufacturing and environmental protection. Improvements in transparency and management of material environmental figures such as energy, water and waste, will better align future actions with the preservation of natural resources. Internal and external requirements for emission management and a comprehensive climate strategy are growing in number and complexity. Webasto’s emission management and strategy consists of a set of impact fields to meet the requirements and enable climate-friendly business growth.

Committed to transformation Businesses should cope with CO2 gas to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly organization. Planting trees to reduce CO2, footprint, Effects on the greenhouse effect and climate change

Climate achievements

Our main focus: emission reduction

In 2022 the share of green electricity consumption for the Webasto Group has increased by 35 percent compared to 2021, either through in-house generation or by purchasing green electricity.

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Green electricity

100% renewable energy sources at German sites

In 2021, Webasto switched to entirely renewable power at all its German sites. A number of sites outside Germany are also supplied with self-produced or purchased renewable energies or are reviewing the options for a supply from renewable energies.

Green electricity Solar cell in solar farm, Alternative energy and sustainable energy, photovoltaic, Pure energy renewable, clean energy, solar energy, reduce global warming, environment, green energy, generate by AI, Solar cell in solar farm, Alternative energy and sustainable energy, photovoltaic, Pure energy renewable, clean energy, solar energy, reduce global warming, environment, green energy, generate by .AI

Photovoltaic System

Battery production with renewable energy

A photovoltaic system provides electricity from renewable energy for the battery production in Schierling and serves as a blueprint for other buildings around the world.

Photovoltaic system for cleaner battery production

Climate & environment goals

Carbon reduction scope 3 upstream *

-25 % by 2030

Carbon reduction scope 1 & 2 *

-50 % by 2030 Net Zero emissions by 2045; use of 100 % Green Electricity by 2030

CDP rating

"B-" CDP Climate rating by 2023

*All carbon reduction targets are in line with the SBTi framework and refer to the base year 2021.

Employees & workplace

Webasto is convinced that success begins with its employees. The multicultural, global workforce is bound together by the company´s corporate values, that prioritize collaboration, open-mindedness and mutual respect. With a holistic view, the Group creates an environment that enables all employees to contribute to the sustainable future of their employer.


The globally positioned supplier sees its workforce, which is diverse in every respect, as key to creating innovative products for its global markets and a fundamental understanding of its customers. As a result, the company has a responsibility to providing equal opportunities for everyone and foster an environment in which its employees can grow. 

Employees & workplace

Employees & workplace

Committed to passion

From Europe via Asia and Australia to America: Throughout all growth, it is important to the company to maintain its open and welcoming atmosphere. Webasto takes the well-being of its global workforce seriously and aims to ensure fair and attractive working conditions. With a focus on long-term opportunities for employees, individual talents and strengths are taken into account and everyone is encouraged to take on new challenges or more responsibility. By steering processes on leadership, grading and performance management, the internationally positioned employer fosters sustainable people management. The Webasto culture provides a good basis for this and endorses a positive work-life balance.


High engagement

Globally high engagement: 80 of 100 points

Webasto conducts an annual global survey to measure employee engagement and identify starting points for organizational development. The 2022 engagement index of 80 out of 100 points was measured on job satisfaction and employees’ willingness to recommend Webasto to others.

Share your opinion - shape our future

Top Employer

Numerous Top Employer Certifications

Webasto regularly achieves outstanding results in the areas of Organization & Change, Employer Branding, Learning, and Corporate Values ‒ most recently in Germany, China, Romania and the USA.

Numerous Top Employer Certifications

Global Academy

In-house Webasto Academy

Webasto employees have access to the global learning management system “My HR”. A network of internal and external trainers as well as technical experts provide learning content in quality, safety, project management, IT, logistics, finance and legal.

In-house Webasto Academy Young woman in a lecture turning to camera

Employees & workplace goals

Female managers

Double number of female managers in Germany by 2028

Training hours

Increase of training hours up to 10 hours per employee by 2025

Society & engagement

Since its foundation in 1901, Webasto has always believed that business activities should be socially responsible, and society should benefit from successful business.


In contributing to climate-friendly mobility, Webasto combines both aspects. The establishment of the Webasto Foundation in 2019 is further proof of the company´s commitment to social responsibility.

Webasto Foundation - Society & engagement

Society & engagement

Committed to social engagement

Webasto invests in sustainable and climate-friendly mobility, thereby securing jobs and opening up new opportunities. The company also lives up to its social responsibility when investing in infrastructure. As part of its corporate responsibility beyond the boundaries of the company, Webasto supports social projects, promotes sustainable mobility concepts, and provides impetus for the social commitment of Webasto employees together with the Webasto Foundation.

Committed to social engagement

Society & engagement goals

Donations & sponsoring

Develop group-wide sponsorship guideline by 2023

Corporate volunteering

Strengthen and expand corporate volunteering initiatives by 2025


Sustainability Report 2022

"Committed to Sustainability": The Webasto sustainability programm describes ‒ in accordance with the GRI standards ‒ what the Webasto Group does and wants to achieve.
2 MB

Sustainability Report 2021

"Committed to Sustainability": The Webasto sustainability programm describes ‒ in accordance with the GRI standards ‒ what the Webasto Group does and wants to achieve.
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Social & Environmental Principles Policy

The Policy sets own social and environmental standards above and beyond (inter-)national laws, standards and regulations for Webasto and complements the Code of Conduct.
1 MB

Quality Policy

„Committed to Sustainability“ is the driver for quality throughout the Webasto Group. The Webasto Quality Policy.
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Information Security Policy

„Committed to Sustainability“ is the driver for information security throughout the Webasto Group. The Webasto Information Security Policy.
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Environmental Policy

"Committed to Sustainability" is a motivation for the environmental responsibility of the entire Webasto Group. The Webasto Environmental Policy.
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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

“Committed to Sustainability“ is a driver for occupational health and safety throughout the Webasto Group. The Webasto Occupational Health and Safety Policy.
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