Fixed roof

Innovation area roof

Large-scale panoramic roofs impress with their clear and puristic appearance. And yet Webasto's fixed roof systems are more than just a glass roof: the integration of innovative technologies such as switchable glazing or ambient lighting complete the advantages of installation space optimization and weight reduction to create a perfect solution for electromobile use.

Our strength

High-tech glass

Impressive light scenarios, shading at the touch of a button or the use of solar energy - the desire for more design and comfort in the vehicle is becoming ever greater. High-tech glass from Webasto makes it possible.

System competence

From the integration of innovations in the glass to the roof system and the electronic control system, Webasto has combined all its expertise under one roof. 


Large panoramic roofs from Webasto are produced to the highest quality standards and are repeatedly put through their paces under the most extreme conditions in the company's own Validation Center. 

Versatile solutions

Switchable glazing

Shading by the touch of a button

Large glass surfaces provide a lot of brightness and transparency. If there is a desire for privacy protection, switchable glazing is a particularly innovative solution. The technology is integrated directly into the glass panel and can be activated in seconds.

Shading function in the glass roof of the vehicle

Ambient light

Fascinating light effects

Light can be used to specifically control the ambience in the vehicle interior. It can be integrated directly into the glass of the roofs. While passengers enjoy a clear view of the sky during the day, the generous glass surfaces become illuminated highlights at night.

Light in in the glass roof of the vehicle

Solar roof

On the road with the sun

Extending the range of electric vehicles and pleasantly air-conditioning the interior thanks to solar energy – solar cells integrated into the glass roof make it possible. Webasto has been committed to this sustainable technology for more than three decades.

Integrated solar cells in the glass roof of the vehicle

Panoramic display

Great movie experience on wheels

A panoramic display included in the roof ransforms the rear of the vehicle into a private cinema. At the touch of a button, the large-format screen extends from the headliner in a filigree rotating movement, guided by two lateral articulated rails. This mechanism was honored with an Innovation Award by BMW for the Theatre Screen in the 7 series.

Panoramic display in sedan

Curious to learn about in detail?

We will be happy to answer your questions about our innovative fixed panoramic roof systems. Write us a message and we will get in touch with you immediately.

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