Air heater

Discover our range of air heaters, designed for diverse vehicles. Offering quick, efficient heating, they are perfect for maintaining a comfortable cabin and cargo temperature.

Experience efficient, cost-effective air heating

Our air heaters offer quick heating, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and flexible installation options.

Quick, uniform heating

Experience rapid, even heating with our powerful air heaters.

Low fuel consumption

Our heaters are designed for economical fuel usage, reducing costs.

Easy maintenance

Enjoy easy service and maintenance with our user-friendly designs.

Flexible installation

Our heaters can be installed either inside or outside the vehicle.

Improved air quality

Operate in fresh-air mode for better air quality in your vehicle and marine vessel.

Reduced idling

Webasto's solutions reduce unnecessary engine idling, saving fuel.

More solutions

  • Air Top 2000 STC

    The Air top 2000 STC air heater by Webasto ensures quick and even heating, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance. Suitable for a variety of vehicles.
    Air Top 2000 STC air heater product picture on orange background Air Top 2000 STC header
  • Air Top Evo 40/55

    Enjoy precise and constant temperatures in all altitudes and weather conditions with Air Top Evo 40/55. Suitable for recreational vehicles, trucks and buses.
    Air Top Evo 40/55  product picture on orange background Air Top Evo 40/55 header
  • Range Plus

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