Air Top
2000 STC

Versatile and quiet low fuel consumption air heater

The Webasto Air Top 2000 STC air heater impresses with its slim design, superior fuel efficiency and flexible installation options. Whether positioned underfloor or in the interior, it quickly reaches the desired temperature and constantly keeps it.

Benefits of Air Top 2000 STC

The Air Top 2000 STC Heater offers quick, even heating with its 2 kW capacity. Its low fuel consumption and easy maintenance make it a cost-effective choice for diverse vehicles and vessels. Enjoy the flexibility between recirculation and fresh-air modes, ensuring comfortable heating at all times.

Variable heat output

Delivers a heat output ranging from 0.9 – 2.0 kW (3,000 – 7,000 BTU/h).

Efficient operation

Features a low noise fuel pump with pulse-width modulation (PWM) operation.

Easy maintenance

Designed for easy service, maintenance and diagnostic capability.

Diverse installation options

Choose from multiple installation options, be it outside, inside or in the double-floor of your vehicle.

Quiet operation

Experience minimal noise disruption with the Air Top 2000 STC, boasting silent operation and enhanced features such as extra quiet fuel pumps.

Fresh-air mode

Effortlessly switch to fresh-air mode to ensure optimal air quality and benefit from the external temperature sensor for added convenience.

Technology highlight

Warm air outlets in recreational vehicles

Webasto air heaters provide continuous heating power output via stepless modulation, ensuring constant temperatures. The heater operates quietly and consumes very little power and fuel.

Car driving on road in rainy weather Car on road rainy weather

Product details

Product specification

The Webasto Air Top 2000 STC features a 2 kW heating capacity, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance design. It can be installed inside or outside the vehicle and operates in fresh-air mode, offering flexibility for diverse vehicle and vessel needs.

Model overview

The Air Top 2000 STC stands out with its versatility and fuel efficiency. Its 2 kW heating capacity and compact design make it suitable for various vehicles, including recreational vehicles, trucks and marine vessels.

What is included

The Air Top 2000 STC package provides a comprehensive heating solution with various components such as heater, installation accessories and controls. Depending on the application area, such as marine or motorhomes, the delivery scopes vary.


Air Top 2000 STC - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for the Air Top 2000 STC air heater.

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Air heaters (recreational vehicles) - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for air heaters for recreational vehicles.

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