Air Top Evo

Enjoy precise and constant temperatures at any altitude and in all weather conditions

Discover the exceptional comfort and superior efficiency of the Air Top Evo 40/55. Our air heaters, designed for recreational vehicles, buses and trucks, merge powerful performance with a compact design. They seamlessly adapt to varying altitudes, ensuring a quiet and energy-efficient heating experience.

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Benefits of Air Top Evo 40/55

Experience powerful heating with the Air Top Evo series, a dynamic blend of impressive heat output and enhanced energy efficiency thanks to its Intelligent Blower Control. Engineered for whisper-quiet performance, it intelligently adjusts blower speed to minimize noise. Key highlights encompass advanced flame detection mechanisms, automatic altitude adjustment reaching up to 2,200 meters (or an impressive 5,500 meters in the specialized high-altitude version) and a safety profile that permits use in vehicles transporting hazardous materials. Discover a versatile and dependable heating solution ideal for various applications.

Powerful heating

Provides up to 5.5 kW heat output for consistent warmth.

Energy efficiency

Features very low electrical power consumption.

Quiet operation

Operates silently due to lower blower speed and a quiet fuel pump, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Altitude adjustment

Automatically adjusts to altitudes up to 5,500 m.

Easy installation

Specific kits guarantee easy installation in the underbody or inside the vehicle.

Compact design

The heaters have a compact design, allowing for efficient space utilization.

Technology highlight

Installation in the underbody or inside the vehicle

Choose from an installation mounted outside, in the double-floor or inside the vehicle.

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Product details

Product specification

The Air Top Evo 40/55 boasts up to 5.5 kW heat output. It operates with low electrical power and fuel consumption, providing efficient heating solutions.

Model overview

Whether you need heating for your recreational vehicle, truck or bus, the Air Top Evo series provides a range of models to fit your needs.

What is included

The Air Top 40/55 is a comprehensive heating solution with various components such as heating, installation accessories and controls. Depending on the application, the delivery scopes vary.


Air Top Evo 40/55 - Datasheet

Get detailed specifications with the Air Top Evo 40/55 air heater datasheet.

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Air heaters (recreational vehicles) - Datasheet

Get detailed specifications with the Air Top Evo 40/55 air heater datasheet for recreational vehicles.

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