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Webasto provides specialized air filtration and solutions for a diverse range of settings, from medical facilities and ambulances to buses and agricultural machinery.

Pure air, absolute safety

Webasto air filtration system offer clean air across various settings, while the CAT4 pressurization system, designed for machinery in hazardous environments, ensures effective monitoring of air pressure changes in cabins.

Filtration system

Benefits of the filtration system products

Exceptional filtration

Webasto air filtration systems remove 99.995 % of airborne contaminants with HEPA H14 filters, ensuring pristine air quality across all settings.

Air exchange rate

Our filtration systems provide up to 350 ft³ (10 m³) of fresh air every minute, enhancing comfort and safety.

Regular monitoring

Automatic filter monitoring promotes timely filter replacements, maintaining consistent air quality.

Compliance with standards

The filtration adheres to international standards, including WHO, CDC, and ECDC guidelines.

CAT 4 Pressurization System for hazardous environments

Designed for vehicles in hazardous areas, the CAT 4 pressurization system reports changes in air pressure. It meets the DIN EN 15695 standard.

Seamless integration

Our units integrate effortlessly with CAT 4 air filtration systems.

Overview filtration system products

  • Hepa Filtration System

    Highly-efficient HEPA filtration system for ambulances & passenger transport. Remove 99.995% of airborne contaminants. Compliant with global standards.
    Hepa filtration system product picture on blue background Hepa header
  • Filtration systems

    Webasto offers air filtration solutions for medical facilities, ambulances, and buses, complemented by a specialized monitoring system, the CAT 4 Pressurization System, for vehicles in hazardous situations.

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