Roof systems for
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The Roof Sensor Module: elegant and reliable sensor integration

Reliably recording the surroundings, detecting obstacles and hazards in any weather – camera, radar and lidar technologies offer the technical possibilities for this. For Webasto, integrating sensor technology elegantly into the car roof as the highest point of the vehicle is therefore the logical step and a perfect solution for the future of autonomous mobility. 

Our strength

Tailored sensor set

Depending on the customer's needs, we can combine the desired type and number of sensors in our RSM: Thus, we offer elegant solutions for automated (level 2) to fully autonomous driving (level 4). 

Elevated position

In the elevated position on the roof, the sensors optimally and reliably detects the vehicle’s surroundings.

Elegant design

Roof Sensor Module (RSM) integrates lidar and camera technologies, among other things, in a fully functional and elegant way into the roof system.

Versatile solutions

Roof Sensor Module

Retractable Lidar sensor

The world's first retractable Roof Sensor Module integrates lidar and sensor redundancy systems on the roof for improved aerodynamics and aesthetics. The integrated cleaning system, motion and drive mechanism and water management system, ensure sensor availability in all weather conditions.

Retractable Lidar sensor in a electric car

Roof Sensor Module

Fixed Lidar sensor

A lidar sensor can be fully integrated into a roof module from Webasto. The compact, preassembled and tested Roof Sensor Module can be seamlessly integrated into automakers' production lines in combination with panoramic roofs, thus simplifying production steps.

Fixed Lidar sensor in car roof

Roof Sensor Module

Sensor set for autonomous driving

A total of 14 sensors are integrated into this sleek, elegant and openable roof system. A thermal management system maintains the sensors within their ideal operating temperature range. A cleaning system that uses vehicles`s washer fluid and air jets to deal with contamination caused by dust, mud, snow or insects. The sensor covers remain ice-free in winter thanks to a de-icing function, while de-fogging prevents the sensors from misting over. 

Sensor set for autonomous driving in car roof

Roof Sensor Module

Sensor set for robo-taxi level

This Roof Sensor Module integrates 4 radar sensors, 4 lidar sensors and 16 cameras of different types from Bosch. Functions for cleaning, de-icing and de-fogging as well as sensor cooling ensure the availability of the sensors in all weather conditions.

Sensor set for robo taxi level in car roof

Reliable dectection of the surrounding

Camera, radar and lidar technologies lay the foundation for safety and reliable 360° environment detection in autonomous driving. An accurate picture of the environment succeeds in the interaction of an optimal sensor set. Depending on requirements, the desired number of sensor types is combined and elegantly integrated into the Roof Sensor Module.

Radar senors

Distance, speed, contours

Radar sensors determine angles and the distance to objects, among other things, thanks to electromatic waves. They are therefore important for detecting distances, speeds and contours, especially in poor weather conditions.

Distance, speed, contours sensors

Lidar sensors

Movement, speed and 3D

Using laser beams that are reflected by objects, lidar sensors can generate a three-dimensional image of the environment and other objects. Movement and speed can also be detected in this way. Lidar sensors provide a very accurate three-dimensional image of surroundings.

Movement, speed and 3D sensors


Objects, signage and traffic lights

By using different cameras, distance, environment and objects can be detected and classified; additionally, road markings, signage and traffic lights can also be recognized.

Objects, Signage and traffic lights sensors / cameras

Sensor availability

Optimal working conditions

In addition to the integration of sensors, the Roof Sensor Module can also ensure that these sensors function reliably in a wide range of conditions. Dirt, heat, cold, water and snow pose no problem for the functionality of the sensors in the Roof Sensor Module. On request, the slimline roof module can accommodate a wide range of functions to ensure functionality. 

Functions for sensor availability

Functions for sensor availability

In order to guarantee the functionality of the sensor system across all weather conditions and contamination levels, various cleaning systems, using water and air, are integrated into the Roof Sensor Module, as well as functions for de-icing and fog removal. The intelligent thermal management also ensures optimum operating conditions.

Sensor availability

Clear view

A major advantage of positioning the sensor system in the roof, in addition to optimum ambient detection, is less contamination. An innovative and automated cleaning system also plays a decisive role. Any type of soiling is detected, whereupon the automatic cleaning system is activated.

Sensor availability

Perfect operating conditions

The high-tech, complex sensor technology integrated in the Sensor Module requires optimal operating temperatures for reliable results. Even extreme temperatures, like heat or frost, are regulated and managed by an innovative thermal management system.

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