As a global market leader for roof systems, Webasto combines many years of experience with a sure feeling for tomorrow’s innovations in various facets. With a portfolio ranging from innovative convertible roofs, over elegant panoramic roofs with high-tech features to roof solutions for autonomous driving, Webasto is a genuine all-roof company. We design our roofs as systems in order to offer customers individualized solutions. Webasto products meet the highest quality standards and combine design, pure joy and comfort under one roof.  

Openable roofs

Openable panoramic roofs

Pleasant light and fresh air

To open up a roof is more than a simple function, it´s a very special feeling. Sunroofs from Webasto stand for open-air feeling with a sense of spaciousness and a clear view of the sky. They are not only trendy, but they also turn driving into a feeling of relaxing and joy.

Fresh air and driving fun in car with panoramic roof

Enjoy a special driving experience!

Innovative openable roofs deliver fresh air at the touch of a button. Passengers can experience the special feeling on the road with all senses.

Fixed roofs

Fixed panoramic roofs

Wide view and comfortable feeling

A bright and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel good is one thing, technical features that create a special wow effect are another. Fixed panoramic roofs provide the perfect surface for a special experience while driving. 

Wide view and comfortable feeling in a car with a fixed panoramic roof

Take a seat and feel good!

Fixed panoramic roofs are an elegant and versatile roof solution that ensures a very comfortable feeling. The large glass surface not only offers a wide view, but it also provides a bright, pleasant ambience that enhances the user experience within the vehicle’s interior.  Additionally, many individual features can be integrated into the large panoramic roofs to enhance comfort and design, making Webasto’s roof systems more than just roofs.

Convertible roofs

Convertible roof systems

Feeling of freedom and pure joy

The roof opens, the stress disappears and you can simply enjoy the ride to the full. That's the special feeling that only a convertible can give you while driving. And that's why Webasto has been producing these roof systems for over 37 years. 

Women in a Convertible car with freedom and pure joy

Webasto stands for driving fun!

Open the convertible top and off you go: Driving a convertible can be pure "joie de vivre". Since 1986, Webasto has been making it possible for passengers all around the world to enjoy fresh air and views with its convertible roofs. Webasto produced its first convertible roofs for the BMW 3 Series convertible, and since then, the company has worked on many other projects. Today's convertible roofs incorporate decades of engineering expertise.

Roof solutions for autonomous driving

Roof Sensor Module

Elegant sensor integration

With the Roof Sensor Module, Webasto is helping to shape the future of autonomous driving. The elegant solution offers car manufacturers the opportunity to integrate a sensor set for autonomous driving functions while retaining their individual vehicle architecture.

Car with a full functional level 3 Roof for autonomous driving

Hand over the wheel and lean back!

Camera, radar and lidar technologies lay the foundation for safety and reliable 360° environment detection in autonomous driving. To detect obstacles, road users and hazards in all weather conditions, a set of different sensors as well as sensor availability systems are integrated at several positions in the roof system. The different technologies combine their individual strengths to deliver reliable results in all weather conditions.

Marine roofs and shades

Marine roofs and shades

Premium protection for your marine adventure

Experience open-air boating freedom with our premium marine roofs, shades, and blinds. Designed for comfort and performance, our products enhance your aquatic adventures. Marine roofs from Webasto are known for sturdy construction, easy installation, and adaptability, integrating seamlessly with your vessel.

Marine roofs

Roofs tailored to your boating needs!

Webasto offers a wide range of roof solutions, whether you are looking for a standard roof size with easy installation or a more customizable platform for your individual needs.

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Automotive trends

Electromobility and autonomous driving are transforming vehicle design. Clear lines, glass, high-tech features and sensor integration are the hot topics for car designers. Webasto is leveraging this shift to create innovative roofs for enhanced comfort and design in driving.

Automotive trends from the market leader for roof systems


With our extensive expertise in mechatronics, we develop pioneering solutions tailored to the changing needs of modern industry. At the heart of our vision are state-of-the-art factories where the well-being and satisfaction of employees and customers are paramount.
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Get ready for the electric revolution! As electric vehicles take over our streets, Webasto, a pioneer in innovation and technology, is at the forefront. Discover our cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future in electromobility, shaping the way we drive today and beyond.
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