Power Test System
ABC-170 / 170CE

Dual Channel Cycling Station with Extended Sink Power

The ABC-170 / 170 CE* power test system is used to meet fuel cell testing and sinking power needs. Originally developed for fuel cell testing applications and for systems that require additional sinking power, Webasto customers have also used this versatile machine to cycle hybrids and batteries.


The ABC-170 offers power from +125kW to - 170kW, with a voltage range of 8 to 445 VDC and a current range of +530ADC to - 640ADC.

ABC-170 / 170CE: Unit Benefits

This advanced power system boasts a 99% power factor and efficiency of over 92%, with dual independently controlled channels and analog control signal for precise operation. Safety features include automatic shutdown on power loss (Anti-Islanding), independent channel interlock, and load disconnect protection (camlock model). Its user-friendly design includes easy front panel connections and an emergency stop button. Additionally, it offers flexible DC supply/load capabilities, fully programmable computer control, multiple interface options (manual, remote, ROS software, LabView, CAN, and 3rd party control software), remote voltage sense, and bi-directional load capability, ensuring versatility and adaptability across various applications.

Exceptional Performance

Achieve significant cost savings with a near perfect 99% power factor and over 92% efficiency.

Safety First

Automatic shutdown on power loss, channel interlock protection, and load disconnect prioritize operator and equipment safety.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Bi-directional load capability, remote voltage sense, and compatibility with various control options (ROS, LabView, CAN, etc.) allow for adaptation to diverse applications.

Simplified Operation

Front panel connections, an emergency stop button, and multiple user interfaces (manual, remote, software, programming) ensure user-friendly operation.

Technical Specifications


ABC-170/ 170CE Power Test System - Datasheet

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