Cool Top 
RTE 23

Lightweight, powerful air-conditioning system for cooling of truck cabins

Introducing the Cool Top RTE 23 by Webasto, a high-performance electric rooftop air-conditioning system perfect for cooling truck cabins. Its powerful cooling, driven by the vehicle’s battery, reduces engine idling times, saves fuel and guarantees pleasant temperatures and low humidity during longer breaks.

Benefits of Cool Top RTE 23

Experience powerful cooling (2,500 W) with high energy efficiency, enjoy quiet operation thanks to condenser double brushless fans and save installation time with the lightweight, compact design. Suitable for a wide range of trucks and light commercial vehicles, Cool Top RTE 23 ensures stable performance and matches original vehicle interiors.

Efficient power consumption

Powerful 2,500 W cooling system, efficiently driven by the vehicle’s battery.

Quiet operation

Condenser double brushless fans ensure low noise during operation.

Lightweight design

The lightweight construction enables easy installation and compatibility with high cabins.

Stable performance

Electronic system controller guarantees a consistent and reliable operation.

Wide compatibility

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, matching the original interiors.

Color options

Available in different colors - white and red to suit your preferences.

Technology highlight

Cutting-edge cooling system

Our system combines high performance with a lightweight and flat design for easy installation and fuel efficiency.

Illustration of Cool Top RTE 23 parking cooler installed in a truck Cool Top 23 RTE illustration

Product details

Product specification

The Cool Top RTE 23 has a nominal cooling capacity of 900 - 2,500 W. It operates at maximum temperature of 45° C with max volume flow of evaporator blower at 150-420 mper hour. The unit weighs only 28 kg, making it a compact and powerful solution.

Model overview

Cool Top RTE 23 is a powerful air conditioning system that is efficient and consumes low power. It is lightweight and compatible with a wide range of vehicles. It comes in different colors, white and red, to match with your vehicle’s interior.

What is included

Each Cool Top RTE 23 unit includes a remote control, technical documentation, internal installation plate and a universal installation kit.


Cool Top RTE 23 - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for the Cool Top RTE 23.

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