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HVH: The electrifying choice for EV heating

The electric High Voltage Heater (HVH) is the ideal heating system for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The HVH converts direct current (DC) electric power into heat with practically no losses.
The HVH achieves extremely fast heat-up times, high precision and the highest efficiency. 

High Voltage Heater for electric vehicles

Our strength


The performance of the HVH is constant and independent of coolant temperature or operating voltage.


Safety is key. We have integrated multilevelsafety measures in the design of the hardware and software as well as in the mechanism of the HVH. 


The heating layer of the HVH can be regulated quickly and precisely. It absorbs short-term power peaks and converts them directly into heat.

Product at a glance


Wide range up to 870 V

The HVH 50/70's high voltage range is between 100 Volt and 490 Volt, making it perfect for most electric passenger cars. The HVH 100 provides up to 10 kilowatt of heating power and operates at voltages up to 870 Volt, which is required for fast charging. 

Men with High Voltage Heater


Powerful solution

The HVH 100 Compact, which will be available from 2024, packs the same performance into a smaller size and weight. Our future portfolio will also include the HVH 120, a powerful solution specifically designed for commercial vehicles. The unit delivers a heat output of up to 12 kilowatts. Both operate at voltages up to 880 Volt.



Fast and flexible installation

The compact design of the HVH and its low weight of only 2 between 2.6 kilos allow flexible installation positions in the engine compartment. All connections are located on one side of the device to enable particularly fast and simple plug & play installation in series production as well.

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Our production

From Neubrandenburg, Webasto supplies around 150 automotive plants worldwide with heating systems. After the headquarters in Stockdorf, the plant has grown to become the Webasto Group's largest location in Germany with around 700 colleagues. Seven different heater ranges are manufactured there. This includes water and air heaters for all vehicle segments such as cars and trucks, as well as High Voltage Heater for hybrid and electric vehicles. Above that a research and compentence center for electromobility is located in Neubrandenburg. 

Since 2019, a further production facility for the HVH has been located at the Wuhan site. The production line for the High Voltage Heaters covers a production area of ​approx. 1,000 m².

High Voltage Heater Overview

  • 400 Volt High Voltage Heater

    HVH 50/70: The powerful electric High Voltage Heater (HVH) with up to 5 or 7 kW heating power, ideal for 400 Volt systems in electric cars, transporters and special vehicles.
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  • 800 Volt High Voltage Heater

    HVH 100 Compact / HVH 100 Compact+ / HVH 120: The perfect heating system for large plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, strong heating power, high efficiency and reliable safety.
    Product picture of HVH 100 Compact and HVH 120 on orange background HVH 800 Volt header

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