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One device gets all connections done

Introducing the upgraded remote-control center for the entire BlueCool Series: BlueCool Connect. With the BlueCool Connect App, seamlessly link your vessel's air conditioning system to your devices, offering unparalleled control and convenience. Perfect for yachts, sailboats and motorboats, the app transforms your phone or computer into a global remote, letting you set your vessel's climate from any corner of the world.

BlueCool Connect control box

Benefits of BlueCool Connect

With BlueCool Connect, seamlessly operate your vessel's air-conditioning from any multifunctional display at the Helm. This plug-and-play system is compatible with top MFDs like Garmin, Raymarine and Simrad. The BlueCool Connect App enhances connectivity, with an inbuilt SIM for EU, USA and Canada networks. Control individual air-conditioning units, allow multiple users and stay connected via local WiFi when offline. Access all BlueCool devices globally with your smartphone.

Worldwide accessibility

No matter where you are, you can always access and control your vessel's climate. Sail freely without temperature worries!

Use any device

BlueCool Connect is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers, ensuring comfort at your fingertips.

Remote monitoring

Keep track of onboard temperatures and settings, make adjustments and send status reports from the comfort of your couch or office.

Central monitoring

Have a centralized overview of system parameters on your multi-functional display for easy navigation and control.

Use of handheld equipment

Monitor your air conditioning system effortlessly using portable devices for periodic checks.

Collect and send data

Collect crucial system data and send it remotely, enabling seamless maintenance and preventing unexpected issues.

Technology highlight

Everywhere online

One device gets all connections done. Mobile network, Multifunctional Displays, NMEA2000, WiFi. BlueCool Connect turns connectivity into a child’s play. 

BlueCool Connect App with boat BlueCool Connect boat

Product details

Product specifications

BlueCool Connect offers remote access to your vessel's air-conditioning, replicating on-spot functions from anywhere globally. It is an upgraded remote-control center for the entire BlueCool series, allowing central monitoring via displays like Garmin and Raymarine. The control unit ensures easy connectivity, retrofitting and automatic software updates.

What is included

BlueCool Connect provides a comprehensive control unit for smooth connection to your BlueCool air-conditioning system, which can be retrofitted seamlessly. The package includes the mobile connection within the control unit, ensuring automatic software updates. Additionally, the BlueCool Connect App is available for download on both Apple and Google App Stores, enhancing remote monitoring and operation capabilities.

Model overviewThermo Top Eveo 4Thermo Top Evo 5Thermo Top Evo 5+*
ECE approval number ECE R12
E1 00 0258E1 00 0258E1 00 0258

ECE approval number ECE R10

E1 04 5627E1 04 5627E1 04 5627
Heating capacity, part load/ full load (kW)
Fuel consumption, part load / full load (l/h) +/- 10%0.31/0.490.39/0.560.31/0.620.39/0.700.31/0.620.39/0.70
Nominal voltage121212
Rated power consumion without coolant pump, part load/ful l load (W) without vehicle’s fan, +/- 10%12/2115/2112/3315/3312/3315/33
DIN EN 590,Paraffinic fuel
(HVO / GTL)DIN EN 15940
E0-E10 EN 228,
E85 DIN 51625
DIN EN 590,Paraffinic fuel
(HVO / GTL)DIN EN 15940
E0-E10 EN 228,
E85 DIN 51625
DIN EN 590,Paraffinic fuel
(HVO / GTL)DIN EN 15940
E0-E10 EN 228,
E85 DIN 51625
Operating temperature range (°C)-40 to +60
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)218 x 91 x 147218 x 91 x 147218 x 91 x 147
Weight (kg)
Coolant pump U4847 Econ-
Volume flow against 0.14 bar (l/h)500
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)109x49x79
Weight (kg)0.3

* More details can be found here


BlueCool Connect App for iOS

Download the BlueCool Connect App for iOS here.

BlueCool Connect App for Android

Download the BlueCool Connect App for Android here.

Webasto BlueCool Connect - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for Webasto BlueCool Connect to learn more about its features and specifications.

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