BlueCool A-Series
Air handlers

Modular air handler system for every marine cooling demand

The Webasto BlueCool A-Series is a modular air handler system for boats and yachts. Integrated into a chilled water cooling system, these modules circulate chilled water to extract heat from the cabin air, subsequently dispersing it as refreshing, cooled air. Complementing this, the electric heat module EHM allows for independent cabin heating, irrespective of chiller activity. With capabilities spanning 4,000 – 36,000 BTU/h for cooling and the added EHM for heating, the A-Series adeptly meets the multifaceted climate needs of marine environments.

Benefits of the modular air handler system

The BlueCool A-Series boasts a modular design adaptable to any installation demand. Experience high performance, silent operation and innovative features that elevate onboard comfort.

Three adaptable shapes

Choose from Compact, Slimline, or low profile shapes to fit any installation demand, ensuring flexibility and optimal space utilization.

Instant drain system

The innovative Webasto Instant Drain system smartly manages condensate, ensuring immediate drainage and preventing build-up.

High performance

Achieve high cooling capacity and airflow with the BlueCool A-Series, tested under tropical conditions for unmatched reliability.

Super silent operation

Experience ultra-quiet cooling with flexible vibration isolation mounts, vibration dampers and remote bleeder. Larger ducts further reduce air speed noise, ensuring the A-Series meets the highest demands for comfort.

Stainless steel design

The BlueCool A-Series showcases a high-quality stainless steel design, ensuring durability and a premium look.

Oversized heat exchanger

The BlueCool A-Series features an oversized heat exchanger, rigorously tested under tropical conditions, guaranteeing optimal performance even in extreme environments.

Technology highlights

Individual cooling

One or more air handler(s) in each cabin are tailored to generate the required cooling capacities individually, making the A-Series a versatile choice for all boat sizes.

Seating area in a yacht Boat interior seating

Independent cabin heating

The electric heat module EHM ensures cabin heating independent from chiller operation. It is easily installed in-line into the air duct of the A-Series air handlers to enable heating in selective cabins while chiller is in cooling mode.

Illustration of V50M installed in boat V50M illustration

Optimized chilled water flow

The flow control valve allows the chilled water to bypass the A-Series heat exchanger when needed, ensuring optimal comfort and preventing inadvertent heating.

Drawing of boat interior Boat sketch

Ultimate and standard cabin control

Choose between the Ultimate Cabin Control with ultra-silent blower operation and master-slave integration or the Standard Cabin Control, both available as complete kits.

Person with smartphone on boat Controls accessibility via smartphone

Product details

Product specification

The BlueCool A-Series offers a performance range from 4,000 – 36,000 BTU/h, suitable for all boat sizes. With three layouts, it is designed for optimal space utilization and cooling efficiency.

Model overview

The BlueCool A-Series provides a versatile range of air handler modules tailored for marine environments. The series includes different modules such as air handlers in cabins, the Electric Heat Module (EHM), Flow Control Valve and Cabin Controls. Each module is designed to offer specific functionalities, ensuring optimal cooling and heating performance. With three layouts available, the A-Series ensures the perfect fit for your boat's size and space requirements, making it an essential choice for marine cooling solutions.

Delivery content

The modular concept of the BlueCool A-series provides maximum flexibility and can easily be extended with accessory components such as the new Electric Heat Module (EHM) and the Flow Control Valve.


BlueCool A-Series air handlers - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for the BlueCool A-Series.

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