Fuel operated heaters for automotive manufacturers

Comforting warmth

Webasto is the technical pioneer and world market leader for parking heaters. As a systems partner, we develop and manufacture heating solutions for installation as original equipment in cars, vans and trucks. Our product portfolio includes variants for diesel, gasoline and alternative fuels. Compact and high-performing, they provide quick, eco-friendly heating, ensuring a cozy ride anywhere.

Fuel operated heater - Thermo Top

Our strength

Trusted cooperation with OEMs worldwide

Our customers benefit from our high level of development expertise in the area of electronics and from our experience in the optimization of worldwide production processes and supply chains.

State-Of-The-Art Testing Facilities

Webasto is equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities. All our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality at all times.

Technology of parking heaters

Our heating systems provide engine preheating and cabin warming, which also prolongs engine life by reducing cold starts. These systems seamlessly integrate with existing vehicle heating for added convenience. 

Our production

From Neubrandenburg, Webasto supplies around 150 automotive plants worldwide with heating systems. After the headquarters in Stockdorf, the plant has grown to become the Webasto Group's largest location in Germany with around 700 colleagues. 

Product list fuel operated heaters

  • Thermo Top Evo

    The Thermo Top Evo is ideal for cars and camping vehicles. It quickly and reliably warms the inside of a vehicle via its venting fans.
    Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco product picture on orange background Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco header
  • Thermo Pro 90

    This robust and highly efficient water heater, which features altitude adjustment and "Arctic Start", is suitable for large commercial vehicles, specialty vehicles and minibuses, even in extreme conditions.
    Thermo Pro 90 product picture on orange background Thermo Pro 90 header
  • Thermo Top Pro 120/150

    For construction and agricultural machinery, small- to medium-sized buses, electric buses and trucks, these two heaters provide power of up to 12 and 15 kW heating output, respectively. They are available as 12 and 24 volt variants.
    Thermo Top Pro 120 / 150 product picture on orange background Thermo Top Pro 120/150 header
  • Thermo Pro 50 Eco

    In small- to medium-sized commercial vehicles with limited space, this compact and lightweight water heater ensures a pre-heated engine and a pleasant interior.
    Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco product picture on orange background Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco header
  • Thermo plus 230/300/350

    The powerful heaters for buses, rail vehicles and trucks ensure an optimum operating temperature for high-performance diesel engines and warm the interior.
    Thermo Plus 230/300/350 product picture on orange background Thermo Plus 230/300/350 header
  • eThermo Top Eco

    Experience efficient and eco-friendly heating for your vehicle's engine and interior with eThermo Top Evo. Suited for all vehicle types.
    eThermo Top Eco product picture on orange background eThermo Top Eco header

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