Cool Top Trail

For an ideal climate in your recreational vehicle

The Cool Top Trail air conditioners are suitable for use in parked motorhomes, campervans and caravans of up to 10 m length. With their generously sized heat exchangers they have a high efficiency and high performance. Their reliability and high cooling capacity has already been proven in very hot Australian summers with up to 50 °C outside temperatures. The units come with heat pump function as a standard which is also very powerful, working in cold outside temperatures of as low as -5 °C.

Benefits - High performance at low noise

Very low noise levels allow you to rest and relax inside the vehicle and not disturb your neighbors in the campsite. The use of high-quality components ensures a long lifetime with a minimum expenditure on maintenance. Made from UV stabilized polypropylene, the housing of the units is robust, but still lightweight. The units can be operated with an easy-to-handle remote control which allows the user to access all air-conditioner functions from the comfort of the dining area, seat or bed. Besides cooling and heating, the units include various extra features such as dehumidification, timer and sleep functions.

Powerful units

With generously sized heat exchangers, the Cool Top Trail units offer high efficiency and performance, ensuring your comfort even in extreme temperatures.

Whisper-quiet operation

Very low noise levels ensure a peaceful environment inside your vehicle, allowing you to relax without disturbing others.

Tested in harsh climates

Proven reliability in very hot Australian summers with up to 50 °C outside temperatures and cold conditions as low as -5 °C.

Robust and lightweight design

Made from UV stabilized polypropylene, the housing is both robust and lightweight, ensuring durability without adding unnecessary weight.

Inverter compressor technology

The Cool Top Trail 28 V / 36 V models use variable speed compressors for efficient cooling and heating with reduced energy consumption. It also ensures low noise levels and prevents starting peaks.

User-friendly remote control

Operate all air conditioner functions effortlessly from your seat or bed with the easy-to-handle remote control.

Compact dimensions and low profile

Despite their light weight, the Cool Top Trail devices are compact in all dimensions. Their low profile saves roof space which can be used for equipment like solar panels.

CI Bus connection

A CI Bus is interface available for many Cool Top Trail models as option.

Easy installation

All mounting accessories like frame, screws and user manual whithin scope of delivery.

Technology highlight

New Cool Top Trail 28 V/36 V

Variable-speed-compressor technology

The Cool Top Trail 28 V/36 V units offer low noise levels, powerful cooling and heating with reduced energy consumption and features like ECO1, ECO2 and Turbo Mode functions for efficient power use.

Motorbike champion Marcel Schrötter on top of camper van with Webasto Cool Top Trail installed Cool Top Trail on camper van

Product details

Product specification

The Cool Top Trail series offers a range of specifications tailored to different vehicle sizes. With cooling capacities ranging from 2 to 3.6 kW and heating capacities from 2,000 W to 3,500 W, there is a model for every need. All units operate at a nominal voltage of 230 V/50 Hz and have been tested in temperatures ranging from -5 °C to 50 °C.

Model overview

Select from the Cool Top Trail series based on your vehicle's size and requirements. Whether you have a compact campervan, a caravan or a spacious motorhome, there is a model designed for optimal performance in your space.

Scope of delivery

Each Cool Top Trail unit comes complete with an outdoor and an indoor unit, remote control and all necessary installation components.


Cool Top Trail 20/24/28/28V/34/36V/35 - Flyer

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Cool Top Trail 20/24/28/34/36V/35 - Datasheet

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