Rooftop air-conditioning
(3.5 - 6.2 kW)

Exceptional rooftop cooling for small buses and special vehicles

The rooftop air-conditioning systems from Webasto are your versatile cooling solutions for a range of commercial and special vehicles. With capacities from 3.5 kW to 6.2 kW, these robust systems cater to vehicles such as mini buses, fire fighting vehicles and ambulances.

Benefits of our rooftop air-conditioning systems

The Webasto rooftop air-conditioning systems stand out for their versatile applications, high cooling efficiency and easy installation process. These units also assure longevity, courtesy of their durable design and low maintenance requirements. 

Versatile applications

The Webasto rooftop air-conditioning units can be used on a wide array of vehicles, providing optimal cooling even under demanding conditions.

High efficiency

Compact and aerodynamic, these systems deliver superior cooling efficiency, keeping your vehicles comfortable in all weather conditions.

Easy installation

Our air-conditioning systems are designed for easy installation and low maintenance and offer a hassle-free cooling solution.

Reliable operation

Known for their reliable performance, our air-conditioning systems ensure continuous comfort across all journeys. Save installation time with the lightweight, compact design.

Customizable appearance

The housing of our air-conditioning systems can be painted to match your vehicle's color, blending in seamlessly.

Wide range of accessories

Each system is equipped with a variety of accessories including control elements and air ducts, enhancing usability and versatility.

Technology highlights

Advanced evaporator technology

Our rooftop air-conditioning systems use advanced evaporator technology to provide rapid and uniform cooling.

Picture evaprorator technology rooftop systems Bus driver's cabin

Aerodynamic and compact

The compact and aerodynamic design of these systems reduces air resistance, contributing to their efficiency and noise reduction.

Picture of rooftop air conditioning system by Webasto Rimini minibus

Product details

Product specification

Our rooftop air-conditioning systems are tailored for a range of vehicles and offer cooling capacities from 3.5 kW to 6.2 kW. These robust units ensure high efficiency, easy installation and a long service life and make them the go-to cooling solution for a variety of applications.

Model overview

With a range of models featuring different cooling capacities and designs, you can find the perfect Webasto rooftop air-conditioner that suits your vehicle and cooling needs. All our models are designed with the same commitment to quality, efficiency and durability.

Delivery contents

The Webasto rooftop air-conditioning system includes the air-conditioning unit, installation kit, control elements and air ducts. Each component is designed to ensure easy installation and optimal performance.


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