Smart heating control for your vehicle with ThermoConnect

With Webasto ThermoConnect, you're in control of turning your car into a warm, cozy space, no matter where you are. Our hardware and software solution offers you remote control over your parking heater and even more functionalities like vehicle locating service via app.


Your benefits

ThermoConnect makes heating your vehicle a seamless experience. From operating your parking heater to tracking your car's location, this solution offers a range of smart features like departure-time based heating, winter and summer modes, geofencing service and much more.

Remote control

Activate or deactivate your parking heater from any distance via your smart device or PC.

Location service

Never lose track of your vehicle. The integrated GPS functionality shows you exactly where it is located and guides you there through your map app or Google Maps.

Geofencing service

Receive immediate notifications if your vehicle leaves a predefined geographical area.

Monitoring functions

Keep tabs on multiple vehicles, whether they are passenger cars or recreational vehicles.

Voice commands

ThermoConnect supports voice commands via smart speakers. You can control your Webasto parking heaters and access vehicle status information with just your voice.

Bluetooth connectivity

For Cronus-based aftermarket systems, Bluetooth connectivity provides a modern alternative to dashboard-mounted controls.


Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity in ThermoConnect is an additional feature specifically designed for Cronus-based aftermarket systems. This innovative technology allows a nearfield connection to your parking heater right from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connectivity in ThermoControl Controls phone connectivity

GPS Location service

ThermoConnect's Location Service is integrated with GPS functionality, offering you an intelligent way to always know where your vehicle is located.

GPS location service Controls GPS connectivity

Product details

Product specifications

ThermoConnect includes a control unit for in-car installation, linking your app and parking heater. Mobile connection and software updates are included. The Basic package requires prior installation of this unit, not included in the operation fee. For installation quotes, contact an authorized Webasto partner.

Costs and availability

The ThermoConnect control unit is compatible with both Android and iOS. The device offers free use for the first year, followed by a yearly fee of EUR 34.99. Connectivity support is available in multiple countries across Europe, including but not limited to the Nordics (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark), Western Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland), Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece), and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic). Additional countries with support include Andorra, Cyprus, Greenland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Thermo Connect for iOS

Download the ThermoConnect app for your iOS devices here.

Thermo Connect for Android

Download the ThermoConnect app for Andoid here.

ThermoConnect - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for ThermoConnect to get detailed technical information about the product.

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