Telestart T100 HTM

Radio remote control with programming options for water heaters

The handy Telestart T100 HTM radio remote control from Webasto has a range of approx. 1,000 m and can be easily added to any keychain. The heating starts directly or can be pre-programmed at the touch of a button. The control element then calculates the required heating time based on the desired departure time, the preset heating level and the current interior temperature. The remote control also controls the ventilation function that is popular in summer.

Benefits of Telestart T100 HTM

Control from a distance

Operation of Webasto water heaters from up to 1,000 m away.

Efficient heating with a system

After entering the desired departure time, the Telestart T100 HTM calculates when the heating should start based on the current temperature in the vehicle.

Individual heating times

The heating time can be selected between 10 and 120 minutes.

Summer ventilation function

At the touch of a button, the heat in the car is replaced by cooler ambient air before driving off.

Group use

Up to four Telestart T100 HTM remote controls can be used per vehicle, so that several family members or members of the company can control the parking heater.

All functions at a glance

The LCD display shows the current interior temperature and other vehicle information at all times.

Product details

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Telestart T100 HTM - Datasheet

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