Thermo Top Evo /
Thermo Pro 50 Eco Marine

Compact marine water heaters

Thermo Top Evo Marine and Thermo Pro 50 Eco Marine are the latest compact 5 kW water heaters from Webasto, ideal for a variety of marine applications. These units boast a new generation of features, including stepless heating-power adjustment between 1.8 and 5 kW, fewer start-stops, exhaust-temperature control for optimized environmental conditions and a mainswitch with blinking code for easy analog control. With their space-saving design and variable temperature control, they offer a service-friendly and low-noise solution for your heating needs.

Product picture of Thermo Pro 50 Eco heater

Benefits of Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco Marine

The Webasto Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco water heaters ensure an even distribution of warmth through radiators, providing hot water for showers and galley tasks. Their compact design allows for space-saving installation, while offering excellent integration with Webasto BlueCool air-conditioning systems. Enjoy the convenience of separate temperature control in each cabin, low fuel consumption and the ability to preheat the engine to avoid cold starts. The robust aluminum casing is resistant to high temperatures and salt, ensuring durability and reliability.

Even warmth distribution

Experience consistent and even warmth throughout your boat with Thermo Top water heaters, ensuring a comfortable environment in all weather conditions.

Hot water availability

Enjoy the convenience of hot water for showers and galley tasks, enhancing your living conditions aboard.

Seamless integration

Effortlessly combine your water heater with Webasto BlueCool air-conditioning systems for a comprehensive climate control solution.

Individual cabin control

Maintain the perfect temperature in every cabin with separate controls, ensuring personalized comfort for all aboard.

Fuel efficiency

Benefit from the low fuel consumption, making it an economical choice for heating your marine environment.

Engine preheating

Avoid cold starts and ensure your engine is ready to go when you are, thanks to the preheating capabilities of Webasto water heaters.

Technology highlights

Optimized heating in locker compartments

The Thermo Top Evo is ingeniously placed in the locker compartment of the boat, utilizing radiators for efficient heat distribution. This setup is particularly beneficial for boats where electrical autonomy is crucial, as radiators do not draw power from the battery.

Yacht sailing in winter conditions Yacht winter sailing

Tailored heating with individually sized convectors

Installed in the engine compartment, the Thermo Top Evo ensures the entire boat is heated to perfection. Each cabin benefits from individually sized convectors, providing a tailored heating solution to meet specific requirements and enhance onboard comfort.

Illustration of Webasto marine air heater in a boat Marine air heater illustration

Product details

Product specification

The Thermo Top Evo and Thermo Pro 50 are compact diesel water heaters with EC approvals, providing 5 kW of heating power. Both models have similar dimensions and weight, with efficient fuel consumption and a consistent coolant pump flow rate. The Thermo Top Evo operates on a 12V system, while the Thermo Pro 50 uses a 24V system.

Model overview

Select the Thermo Top Evo Marine for a 12 V Diesel solution or opt for the Thermo Pro 50 Eco Marine if a 24 V Diesel option better suits your needs. Both models are designed to provide reliable and efficient heating for your marine environment.


Thermo Top Evo - Datasheet

Download our datasheet for specifications and key features of the Thermo Top Evo.

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Thermo Pro 50 Eco - Datasheet

Download the comprehensive datasheet for the Thermo Pro 50 Eco.

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