Air Top STC 2000

Quiet comfort on board

The Air Top 2000 STC is a versatile marine air heater designed to enhance comfort on boats, whether it is a small vessel with one main cabin or a larger setup with multiple cabins and a head compartment. Its compact size and efficient operation ensure a warm and cozy environment.

Benefits of Air Top 2000 STC Marine

Discover the unique advantages of the Air Top 2000 STC marine air heaters, designed to enhance your boating experience with innovative features and reliable performance.

Advanced wiring solutions

The Air Top 2000 STC features a new split marine wiring harness with branches to both the battery and cabin control, ensuring a reliable and efficient electrical connection.

Enhanced diagnostic and control

With two ports for diagnosis, the Air Top 2000 STC provides advanced diagnostic capabilities and seamless integration with new control element MultiControl for easy operation.

Quiet and efficient fuel pump

Enjoy a quieter boating experience with the low-noise fuel pump, featuring PWM operation for efficient and silent fuel delivery.

Accurate temperature sensing

Benefit from precise temperature control with the new external temperature sensor, featuring an updated design for more accurate readings.

Easy fuel inspection

The transparent fuel hose allows for easy inspection of your fuel system, ensuring everything is in top condition (not available in the U.S.).

Silent and efficient combustion

Experience a quieter and more efficient operation with the improved combustion air silencer, reducing noise levels and enhancing your boating experience.

Technology highlights

Heating solutions for compact boats

Tailored for small boats with a single main cabin, the system is designed with one non-closable outlet, ensuring efficient and sufficient heating throughout the space.

Illustration of Webasto marine air heater in a boat Marine air heater illustration

Adaptable heating for varied layouts

In boats featuring two cabins and a head compartment, the system is optimized with a hot air outlet for each cabin, plus a main duct in the salon, ensuring consistent warmth in every area.

Man in a boat holding a cup of coffee Marine boat interior mood picture

Product details

Product specification

The Air Top 2000 STC is a diesel-powered heater, offering variable heating output and efficient fuel consumption. It operates on a standard 12 V power source, with moderate power and current requirements. The unit ensures effective air circulation and maintains a compact and lightweight design, suitable for various marine applications. It also features standard-sized outlets for air and exhaust, ensuring easy integration and installation.

What is included

Each Air Top 2000 STC marine kit comes with high-quality stainless steel parts and accessories, an external temperature sensor and effective combustion and exhaust air silencers, ensuring you have everything you need for installation and operation.


Air heaters - Datasheet (Marine)

Download the air heater datasheet for the marine market to learn more about the features.

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