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Webasto Diesel Cooker X 100 - revolutionizing outdoor cooking

Unleash your inner chef anywhere, anytime! Meet the Webasto Diesel Cooker X 100, a game-changer for cooking enthusiasts on the go. Utilizing diesel as fuel, this cooker offers seamless, efficient cooking in any environment and ensures you never miss the comforts of your home kitchen.

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Benefits of the Diesel Cooker X100

The Webasto Diesel Cooker X100 stands out for its unmatched versatility and performance. From its single fuel solution to efficient design, easy cleaning, low consumption, high altitude performance, and safe operation, the Diesel Cooker X100 ticks all the right boxes for an outdoor cooking appliance.




Gas-free solution

Operated via a diesel burner, the Diesel Cooker X100 uses fuel directly from the vehicle’s tank. This makes it an efficient and seamless solution for cooking during your outdoor adventures.

Efficient design

The compact and efficient design of the Diesel Cooker X100 ensures it fits even in the smallest of spaces while delivering superior cooking performance.

Easy cleaning

The Diesel Cooker X100 is designed with a sleek surface that makes cleaning a breeze. No more scrubbing or scraping, a quick wipe-down is all it takes.

Low consumption

Despite its powerful performance, the Diesel Cooker X100 is engineered to consume minimal fuel and power, making it a cost-effective choice for long trips.


High-altitude performance

From sea level to the top of a mountain, the Diesel Cooker X100 performs consistently. Its high-altitude performance ensures you get a hot meal wherever your adventure takes you.

Safe operation

The Diesel Cooker X100 prioritizes safety with its hot plate indication light and cooling fan for safe and silent operation.

Technology Highlights

Innovative diesel utilization

Webasto Diesel Cooker X 100 uses an innovative technology that allows it to burn diesel fuel efficiently, ensuring optimal heat distribution for superior cooking performance.

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Space-saving compact design

Designed with space constraints in mind, the Diesel Cooker X 100 is compact and fits even in the smallest kitchens, making it perfect for vans, trucks, and RVs.


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Peak performance

Engineered to function optimally even at high altitudes.

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Effortless cleaning mechanism

The Diesel Cooker X 100 is equipped with a smooth CERAN® cooking plate that not only provides superior cooking performance but also ensures quick and easy cleaning.


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Advanced safety features

Safety comes first with the Diesel Cooker X 100. It is equipped with a hot plate indication light and a cooling fan to prevent overheating, ensuring safe and silent operation.


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Product details

Product specifications

The Diesel Cooker X100 features a cooking power range of 0.9 - 1.9 kW and a minimal power consumption of 0.3 A. Its fuel consumption is between 0.09 - 0.18 l/h, and it starts up in approximately 3 minutes. The cooker operates on a rated voltage of 12V. The dimensions of the CERAN® hot plate are 466 x 316 x 50 mm, and the protective casing measures 565 x 366 x 172 mm. The total weight of the cooker is 9.5 kg.


The Diesel Cooker X 100 comes with a protective casing and a hot plate indication light for safety. It also features a cooling fan to prevent the temperature from reaching critical limits in the installation area.


Diesel Cooker - Datasheet

Get detailed information about the features and specifications of the Webasto Diesel Cooker in this datasheet.

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