Hybrid 3 (3 kW)

Reliable heat and hot water for campervan enthusiasts

Webasto Hybrid 3 ensures simultaneous heating and hot water in your recreational vehicle. Targeted at recreational vehicle enthusiasts, this solution combines a diesel-powered heater and a gas electric boiler for efficient heating, extending the lifespan of your gas bottles.

Benefits of Hybrid 3

Hybrid 3 from Webasto offers swift heat-up times, powerful heating capacity and continuous availability of cabin heating and hot water. This compact and efficient solution saves space in your recreational vehicle and prolongs the lifespan of your gas bottles.

Quick heat-up

Experience instant comfort with Hybrid 3’s swift heat-up times.

Compact yet powerful

Despite its compact size, Hybrid 3 provides a powerful 3 kW heating capacity, ideal for compact vehicles.

Uninterrupted availability

Enjoy 100 % heating power with Hybrid 3, ensuring continuous availability of cabin heating and hot water.

Hot water in winter

Even in the coldest winters, Hybrid 3 provides an abundant supply of hot water.

Lighten your load

Hybrid 3 helps save over 20 kg in payload, freeing up more space for your essentials.

Long-lasting gas bottles

Hybrid 3 extends the lifespan of your gas bottles, reducing the frequency of replacements.

Product details

Product specification

Hybrid 3 provides a heating power of 0.9 - 2.0 kW and a water heater capacity of 1.35 kW. It has a rated voltage of 12 Volt and a rated power consumption of 15 - 30 W max.

Model overview

Hybrid 3, with its heating capacity of 2 kW and a hot water output of 1.35 kW, provides an optimal and compact solution for camper vans. Additionally, it can be expanded with an electric heater to further enhance flexibility.

What is included

With the Hybrid 3, you get an 8 l water heater (either underfloor or onboard model), wiring harness, exhaust kit with brackets, vacuum relief valve, drain pipe and installation instructions. It also comes with a LIN “Heat Control” panel.


Hybrid solutions - Datasheet

Discover the features and specifications of our Hybrid solutions for recreational vehicles.

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