Hybrid 5 (5 kW)

Enjoy continuous warmth and hot water with Hybrid 5

Webasto Hybrid 5 is an industry-leading heating solution that combines a diesel heater with a gas electric boiler to deliver simultaneous cabin heating and hot water. Designed specifically for larger recreational vehicles, it provides quick heat-up times, improved heating power and extended gas bottle lifespan, offering an unrivaled level of comfort and convenience.

Benefits of Hybrid 5

With its superior heating power, Hybrid 5 provides fast heat-up , continuous cabin heating and hot water. It also ensures extended gas bottle lifespan and saves over 20 kg in payload, enhancing the convenience and comfort in your larger RVs.

Quick heat-up

Benefit from quick heat-up times with the power-boost function, ensuring comfort even in extreme climates.

Unrivaled heating power

Hybrid 5 offers an impressive heating power of 5 kW, making it ideal for larger recreational vehicles.

Constant hot water

Enjoy continuous hot water supply, even during winter, thanks to the efficient heating system of Hybrid 5.

Long-lasting gas bottles

Experience extended gas bottle lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements.

Space-saving design

Save over 20 kg in payload with Hybrid 5, providing more room for your essentials.

Product details

Product specification

Hybrid 5 offers a diesel consumption rate of 0.18 - 0.49 l/h and a gas consumption rate of 98 g/h. It increases the temperature by 50 Kelvin in 10 minutes with the gas-electric heater and in 23 minutes with the gas-only water heater, making it an efficient heating solution for larger recreational vehicles.

Model overview

From the compact Hybrid 3 model to the powerful Hybrid 7, Webasto offers a range of hybrid heating solutions. Hybrid 5, with its superior heating power, is ideal for larger recreational vehicles.

What is included

The Webasto Hybrid 5 comes with a full kit including the diesel air heater and the gas water heater (gas only or gas electric), a control panel for cabin heating, a switch control panel for hot water and an installation manual.


Hybrid solutions - Datasheet

Discover the features and specifications of our Hybrid solutions for recreational vehicles.

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