Hybrid 7 (7 kW)

Experience unrivalled warmth and hot water with our top-of-the-line Hybrid 7 solution

Webasto introduces Hybrid 7, a robust system featuring a diesel-powered heater and gas-electric boiler, designed to ensure simultaneous heating and hot water. Regardless of the size of your recreational vehicle, enjoy the comforts of a cozy cabin and a hot shower simultaneously with Hybrid 7.

Benefits of Hybrid 7

Hybrid 7, with its supreme heating power, provides instant heat-up, continuous cabin heating and hot water. In addition, it ensures significant payload increase and extended gas bottle lifespan, making it the ultimate choice for the largest recreational vehicles.

Instant heat-up

With our power-boost function, Hybrid 7 ensures instant heat-up times, providing you comfort even in the harshest environments.

Maximum heating power

Hybrid 7 comes with a formidable heating power of 7 kW, the ultimate choice for the largest recreational vehicles.

Uninterrupted availability

Hybrid 7 provides 100 % heating power for both cabin heating and hot water, no compromises.

Hot water in all seasons

Our system guarantees abundant hot water availability even during winter, bringing the comfort of home to your recreational vehicle.

Significant payload increase

Hybrid 7 saves over 20 kg in payload, freeing up space for your other necessities.

Extended gas bottle lifespan

Our efficient Hybrid 7 system prolongs the lifespan of your gas bottles, leading to less frequent replacements.

Product details

Product specification

Hybrid 7 offers a diesel consumption rate of 0.18 - 0.67 l/h and a gas consumption rate of 98 g/h. It increases the temperature by 50 Kelvin in 10 minutes with the gas-electric heater and in 23 minutes with the gas-only water heater.

Model overview

Webasto provides a range of hybrid solutions, from the compact Hybrid 3 to the robust Hybrid 7. Each model ensures reliable performance and optimal space utilization, catering to your unique needs.

What is included

Your Webasto Hybrid 7 package includes the diesel air heater and the gas water heater gas only or gas electric, a control panel for cabin heating, a switch control panel for hot water and an installation manual.


Hybrid solutions - Datasheet

Discover the features and specifications of our Hybrid solutions for recreational vehicles.

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