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Thanks to several major charging solution orders, North American business of Webasto continues to gain momentum. The order volume already amounts to almost five million EV charging cables by 2027.


Jephta Wuensch Charging North America ©Webasto Group Jephta Wuensch Charging North America ©Webasto Group

Stockdorf, Monrovia – December 16, 2021 – Family-owned company Webasto, headquartered in Stockdorf near Munich, is on its way to becoming market leader in direct sales of EV charging cables to manufacturers of hybrid and electric cars in North America. In 2022, the company’s market share in this segment is expected to jump to more than 40 percent, with 400,000 EV chargers sold. By 2027, the order volume will reach as many as 4.9 million EV chargers. The customers include three of the world’s largest automakers.


The EV chargers can be used to charge electric vehicles from domestic and industrial sockets with a power rating of up to 7.7 kW. Automatic adapter recognition and current limitation coupled with temperature monitoring ensure that overload or overheating conditions cannot occur during charging.


“These impressive figures are the result of months of hard work and proactive contact with our customers.  Coupled with our decades of experience in the automotive industry and our global alignment, this is what ultimately won over customers,” says Jephta Wuensch, Vice President Charging Systems Americas. “Charging e-vehicles is a gigantic future field of business and there are a huge number of competitors on the market, especially in the USA. This makes Webasto’s success all the more impressive.”


The charging cables are manufactured at Webasto’s plant in Irapuato, Mexico. In addition to the EV charging cable business, Webasto is also seeing signs of growing demand for wallboxes in North America. The order volume here amounts to 360,000 AC charging stations by 2027. Demand in this area is expected to increase significantly following the introduction of the first DC wallbox, which is planned for 2023. Webasto will be manufacturing charging solutions in the double-digit million range over the next few years worldwide. 

Wuensch: “Wallboxes and EV chargers are just the beginning”


For Jephta Wuensch and the Webasto team in the USA, past successes represent just a first, important step. The German, who heads the American charging business with focus OE customers from Monrovia, California, can already give a preview of how Webasto’s charging business is going to develop: “Among others, we are also currently working on bidirectional charging solutions. The ability to use the vehicle as a source of electricity for other purposes will become increasingly important in future. E-mobility and the way in which energy is distributed and utilized will change and undergo rapid development in the coming years. Webasto will also help shape this immediate future with further offerings. Wallboxes and EV chargers are just the beginning.”


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Wallbox production ©Webasto Group Wallbox production ©Webasto Group

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